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Thanks for choosing us in retirement - you're alongside more than one million people around the UK who also have their annuity with us.

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Prudential Annuities Customer Information Looking to 'sell' your annuity income?

For existing customers who currently have a plan with Prudential, and for customers who previously had a Stonehaven Lifetime Mortgage.

We no longer offer the Prudential Lifetime Mortgage product to new customers.

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Prudential Lifetime Mortgage

Insurance from a name you can trust.

If you're covered by one of our range of insurance options, our car, home and travel policies provide a level of cover to suit you.

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Prudential Home, Car, Travel, MPS and D&R Insurance Life policies - Industrial Branch

We've been helping people with their investments for over 160 years and know how important it is to be financially stable.

Our range of investments are designed to help you build your financial foundation, whether you're saving over the medium to long term, or investing for your retirement.

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Distribution Bond Combination Plan Prudential ISA Flexible Investment Plan Prudence Bond Prospects Bond Prudential Savings Account Prudential Investment Plan Prudential Investment Bond Prudential International Prudential Endowment Savings OEIC Fund Range PruFund Investment Plan Prudential PEP Prudential Banking Mortgages Trustee Investment Plan

Preparing for the future is something that we all have to think about.

Saving in a pension is a tax-efficient way of building up a fund to help provide for your retirement. And how you take your money when you get there is now more flexible than ever. Of course, as pensions are investment-based, there is the potential you may not get back what you put in.
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Additional Voluntary Contributions Section 32 Final Salary Pension (Defined Benefit) Prudential Personal Pension Money Purchase Plan Group Personal Pension Free Standing Additional Voluntary Contributions (FSAVC) Flexible Retirement Plan (with SIPP options) Executive Pension Plan Company Pension Transfer Plan (Bulk Section 32) Stakeholder Pension Self-Invested Personal Pension Retirement Annuity Plan

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