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  • January 2012 - Prudential Unit Trust merger update


    The unit trust holders of the following funds have voted to agree the merger of the following PUTL Unit Trusts into the equivalent M&G Funds:

    • PUTL Global Growth Trust into M&G International Specialist Equity Fund
    • PUTL Growth Trust into M&G Managed Growth Fund
    • PUTL Small Companies Trust into M&G Smaller Companies Fund
    • PUTL UK Index Tracker Trust into M&G Index Tracker Fund

    The formal date of the merger will be 17 February 2012. We will issue a news article at this stage to confirm a merger has taken place.

    Life and Pension funds impacted

    We have written to life and pension planholders who hold units in the following Prudential life or pension funds that invest entirely in either of the PUTL Small Companies Trust or UK Index Tracker Trust as they will be impacted by this change. We have also written to planholders' advisers.

    • Prudential PHL Small Companies Life Fund
    • Prudential PAC Exempt Small Companies Pension Fund
    • Prudential PAC Exempt FTSE 100 Tracker Pension Fund
    • Prudential Net FTSE 100 Tracker Life Fund
    • Prudential Net Bonus Bond Life Fund
    • Prudential Net Capital Guarantee Life Fund

    There is no life and pension fund that invests in the PUTL Global Growth Trust and Growth Trust.

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