We've been helping people with their investments for over 160 years and know how important it is to be financially stable.

To help you build your financial foundation we've designed a range of investment plans which may suit your needs, whether you're saving over the medium to long term, or investing for your retirement.

Investment guide

  • The basics

    The basics

    If you're not sure where to start with investments then read our basic guide to investment planning.

  • Where to invest?

    Where to invest?

    Different investments carry different risks and rewards. This can affect your decision on where to invest.

  • How to invest

    How to invest

    Read our common sense tips on making the most of your investments.


  • Bonds

    Our tax-efficient onshore and international bonds offer flexibility and control for the medium to long term investor.

  • ISAs

    Tax-efficient saving with the Prudential ISA to help your money grow. Benefit from Prudential's expertise in managing investments.

  • Open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs)

    Used up your ISA allowance but still want to invest in funds? The OEIC funds allow you to build up your own portfolio of investments.

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