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About the Prudential ISA

The Prudential ISA is a Stocks and Shares ISA which invests in stocks and shares and other asset classes through Open-Ended Investment Companies (OEICs) and the PruFund Range of Funds. Prudential does not offer a Cash ISA.

The Prudential ISA is provided by Capita Financial Investments Limited, who are the ISA Plan Manager. Capita Financial Investments Limited are responsible for all the regulatory and legal aspects of the ISA and the provision of all customer services.

Why choose the Prudential ISA?

The PruFund Range of Funds are unique in the market. Not only that, they are now available through the Prudential ISA for the very first time. All within a tax efficient wrapper.

The PruFund Growth Fund has been available for 10 years and the PruFund Funds have a strong track record of performance with over £10 billion funds under management and our current expectation is that they will continue to grow. We currently have over 200,000 people invested in the PruFund Funds who trust us to do the right thing with their money.

The PruFund Funds use a unique smoothing process. This process aims to give you some protection against market volatility, and in particular some of the short-term ups and downs associated with investing directly in the Stock Market.

How does investing in the ISA work?

The Prudential ISA has two elements: (1) investment in a life insurance policy which allows access to the PruFund Funds (the Life Insurance Policy) and (2) investment in Open-Ended Investment Companies (OEICs) through the OEIC Funds. You can choose to invest in one or both elements of the Prudential ISA.

The Plan doesn't have a fixed term, therefore you can invest for as long as you want, while the Prudential ISA remains open for investment. The Plan is intended for the medium to long term.

You just need to make a one-off investment of at least £500 or set up a regular savings plan of at least £50 per month when you start your ISA.

As your attitude to risk and financial objectives change, you can switch your fund choices accordingly.

The value of an investment can do down as well as up and the value in the future may be less than the amount invested. What you receive will depend on the value of the underlying investments, the charges and if applicable the Expected Growth Rates set by the Prudential Directors and the smoothing process.

What funds are available?

The PruFund Range of Funds

These funds are provided by the Prudential Assurance Company Limited:

  • PruFund 0-30 Fund
  • PruFund 10-40 Fund
  • PruFund 20-55 Fund
  • PruFund 40-80 Fund
  • PruFund Cautious Fund
  • PruFund Growth Fund

The OEIC Funds

These funds are provided by Capita Financial Managers Limited:

  • CF Prudential Dynamic 60-100 Portfolio
  • CF Prudential Dynamic 40-80 Portfolio
  • CF Prudential Dynamic 10-40 Portfolio
  • CF Prudential Dynamic 20-55 Portfolio
  • CF Prudential Dynamic Focused 20-55 Portfolio
  • CF Prudential Dynamic 0-30 Portfolio
  • CF Prudential Dynamic Focused 0-30 Portfolio

If you'd like more information

  • For further information, including factsheets and prices on all the ISA funds, visit fund prices and information.
  • Please read the Key Features (for PruFund) and the Key Investor Information Documents (for OEICs) to find out more about the ISA. Alternatively, call the ISA Plan Manager on 0844 335 8936.
  • *Calls may be monitored or recorded for quality and security purposes.

  • For more information on ISAs see the guide to ISAs, Fund Guide (Prudential ISA - PruFund Funds), or see the guide to investments section for more on investing in general.

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