A Guide to Annuities


What is a pension annuity? When do you need to start thinking about buying one? What are the different options available?

Our Guide to Annuities aims to answer these questions, as well as giving you a short insight into the annuities that we offer at Prudential.

Changes to the income payable from an Income Choice Annuity will depend on the relationship between the Smoothed Return announced and the Required Smoothed Return for the income chosen. The income from an Income Choice Annuity can fall as well as rise at the yearly review but won't fall below the Secure Level.

The Smoothed Return announced will depend mainly on the investment performance of the With-Profits fund, the operation of smoothing, changes in how long we expect our plan holders to live and expenses we incur.

This is just an example designed to represent a typical situation, and does not relate to any particular individual. You should not look upon this as financial advice or a recommendation of a particular course of action.

You should consider your own circumstances fully, and may wish to consult a Financial Adviser to help you make a decision.


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