Our annuities

Our annuities

We have a number of different annuities, which provide a secure regular income from your pension savings for the rest of your life, no matter how long you live.

Depending on your requirements, the different options allow you to choose a level income, or increased payments to potentially cover the effects of inflation throughout your retirement, and if you wish, an additional income for your partner or dependants when you die. You may also be entitled to a higher starting income for certain medical conditions.

Or for general guidance, please see our guide to choosing your annuity, where you'll also find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

  • Guaranteed
    Pension Annuity

    Our conventional annuity guarantees to pay you a regular income for the rest of your life, and can be purchased with a level or changing income.

    Guaranteed Pension Annuity
  • Income Choice Annuity

    Our Income Choice Annuity pays a regular income for the rest of your life with potential for growth, which can go down, but not below a certain level and a choice of income from a range we give you.

    Income Choice Annuity
  • Could you qualify
    for a higher

    For certain medical and/or lifestyle conditions you may be entitled to a higher retirement income with our Guaranteed Pension Annuity and Income Choice Annuity.

    Could you qualify for a higher retirement income

Why choose a Prudential Annuity?

Read about some of the reasons for choosing an annuity with us.

Choosing how you take your pension savings is one of the most important financial decisions you'll have to make. And if you decide that turning your pension into a secure regular income for life is how you'd like to do this, bear in mind that you cannot usually change your mind once you buy your annuity. It is therefore important to shop around for the best option for you, and we recommend you talk to your pension provider or seek independent guidance before you make any decisions.

As well turning your fund into an annuity, new pensions rules introduced in April, mean there are now more ways that you can take your pension savings. Depending on your provider, you may be able to take your fund as a single or series of cash lump sums, transfer it to a draw down plan or choose a combination of these options.

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