Pension guide

Pension guide

Saving in a pension is tax-efficient and could make a real difference to your level of income in retirement.

Use our pensions guide and tools to help you understand how pensions can work for you and your retirement.

  • What is a pension?

    A pension could be a great way of saving for your retirement. Find out more about the different types of pension available.

    What is a pension?
  • Tax benefits of pensions

    There are several tax benefits to saving in a pension. Take advantage of these to help you potentially boost your income in retirement.

    Tax benefits
  • What happens when I near retirement?

    If you're nearing retirement you might need to consider a number of things to help you make the most of your pensions and savings

    Nearing retirement
  • State pensions

    The state offers a number of pension benefits for retirement. Read on for an overview of what they are.

    State pensions
  • Company pensions

    Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. If your employer offers a company pension you should consider joining it.

    Company pensions
  • Personal pension

    A personal pension is your own private fund you can take with you from job to job. If you've already got one you might consider topping it up.

    Personal pension

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