In the communities where we work, we invest to help everyone get the most out of life.

Supporting our communities

We’re committed to the communities where we work. And we show it by investing to lay the foundations of an inclusive society. It’s all about helping people get the most out of life and face the future with confidence.

In the UK, we focus on issues our customers, communities and partners care about – and where we can make a difference. That means:

  • bullet helping young people develop financial knowledge and other skills they can use throughout their working life
  • bullet giving people the chance to realise their potential in work and life
  • bullet helping older people feel included in their communities.

We have long-standing links with charities, working with them on national and local programmes that make a lasting difference.


What we do

We support, and help develop and create, local and national programmes with our partners. We also encourage our people to volunteer their skills while they're at work, and in their own time.

Getting young people ready to work

Our volunteers share skills that young people take into their first jobs and beyond. It could be educating them about money or developing their interview skills. Already, our partnerships with schools have supported over 360 employees giving over 2000 hours and more than 3700 young people have been reached.  

We work with:

  • Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School in Reading
  • St Michael’s Catholic College in London
  • Wallace High School in Stirling

And our apprenticeships programme has given 178 young people their first step on the career ladder.

We worked with BITC and the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) on a 2016 report on how businesses and primary schools can work together, and the value it can bring. We also sit on BITC's Education Leadership Team and are National Champion for primary engagement.

Making later life more rewarding

We work with charities including Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) and Age UK to help older people by:

Giving them the chance to try new things

Our First Time for Everything programme with Royal Voluntary Service gives older people across the UK a chance to try something new for free, whether it’s yoga or digital photography.

Enabling people to realise their potential

Our Bring People Together programme seeks to encourage and empower more people to volunteer, particularly those aged 50-65. Specifically its aim is to inspire them to start their own activities or clubs for older people with the backing of Royal Voluntary Service.

Helping them feel less lonely

Our people volunteer for Age UK's Call in Time programme – a telephone befriending scheme that matches volunteers with older people, making a weekly phone call to tackle loneliness and improve quality of life. 

Connecting them to their communities

This year, our Later Life Links programme with Age UK will connect older people and their families with advice and support on issues from care needs to dealing with bereavement. So far, this programme has helped over 5,000 older people. We've been working with Age UK for almost a decade and during that time, we've supported over 24,000 older people to live a more informed, better connected and happier later life.

Quote from an older person that receives a Call in Time weekly call

"Colin is a wonderful man. Don't ever take him away from me"

Quote from a Prudential Volunteer: 

"It's the highlight of my week really puts things into perspective"


How we work

What we want to achieve

Our community work aims to:

Make a positive impact by working with charities on national and local programmes and measuring the difference they make.

Inspire our people to volunteer, and help their own development in the process.

Encourage our people to fundraise and donate to charities.

What we do and don’t support

We look for long-term partnerships with organisations that tackle the issues our communities, customers and stakeholders care about.

We don’t fund:

  • bullet programmes that are against the law or breach regulations
  • bullet political parties
  • bullet donations direct to individuals and not through charities or good causes
  • bullet sports equipment for our own people, even if they’re representing us in local competitions
  • bullet organisations that aren’t charities, unless they’re helping a charity
  • bullet organisations or projects promoting particular faiths of beliefs. But we can support faith school projects. And we can support organisations, like a church food bank for instance, that helps people without promoting a particular religion.

How we run our community support

We support communities with a budget that our UK Insurance Executive Committee reviews every year.

We have processes and policies for running our local and national work. They cover areas like employee volunteering, charitable donations and fundraising.

As part of M&G Plc, you can also find further information on M&G Plc Responsibility and the M&G Plc Community Investment Policy.

Working with us

If your organisation wants to find out more about working with us, get in touch at