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Prudential is a group of many parts. See all our companies and their registration numbers.

The following companies are registered in England and Wales and have their registered office at Laurence Pountney Hill, London, EC4R 0HH

Company Name

Registration Number

Prudential plc 1397169
Prudential IP Services Limited 3914263
Prudential Staff Pensions Limited 1699784
Prudential International Staff Pensions Limited 8894213
Prudential Capital plc 2313262
Prudential Capital Holding Company Limited 05739088
Hyde Holdco 1 Limited 3914259
Prudential Services Limited 2313235
Prudential Corporation Holdings Limited 1404713
Prudential (US Holdco 1) Limited 5726569
Prudential Group Holdings Limited 843822
Prudential Property Holding Limited 2448342
PGDS (UK One) Limited 1967719
The Prudential Assurance Company Limited 15454
Prudential Pensions Limited 992726
Prudential Holborn Life Limited 793051
M&G Limited 1048359
M&G Securities Limited 90776
M&G Financial Services Limited 923891
M&G Investment Management Limited 936683
M&G Real Estate Limited 3852763


The following companies are registered in Scotland and have their registered office at Craigforth, Stirling, FK9 4UE:

Company Name

Registration Number

Scottish Amicable Finance plc SC145322
Prudential Holdings Limited SC210546
Prudential UK Services Limited SC176097
Prudential Distribution Limited SC212640
Prudential Lifetime Mortgages Limited SC73158
Scottish Amicable ISA Managers Limited SC117431



The following company has its place of registration and registered office address as shown below:

Company Name

Place of Registration

Registered Office Address

Registration Number

Prudential Corporation Australasia Holdings Pty Limited

Incorporated and registered in Australia.

Registered as a Branch in England and Wales.

The liability of the members of Prudential Corporation Australasia Holdings Pty Limited is limited.

Registered Office:
Highgate Legal Pty Ltd, 33 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista, NSW Australia 2153.

Branch address:
Laurence Pountney Hill,

ACN 082 814 131




Prudential International Assurance plc

Registered in Ireland.

Registered Office:
Montague House
Adelaide Road
Dublin 2