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We provide financial advice to our clients on behalf of The Advice Partnership from Prudential.

About us

Hughson Financial Planning is proud to be a member of The Advice Partnership from Prudential. We’re qualified in financial planning and advise on a range of carefully selected products from Prudential and other providers.

We’re backed by the strength and credibility of Prudential, an M&G plc company, who has been providing financial security for over 170 years.

M&G plc has more than 5.5 million customers in 28 markets across the world, as at October 2019.

Mark Hughson is a fully qualified Financial Adviser with a Diploma in Financial Planning and over 30 years’ experience within financial services. As the Director of Hughson Financial Planning Limited, Mark takes great pride in offering a professional and friendly advice service to clients throughout the North West. 

Mark was a former founding Partner of Prudential Financial Planning Ltd  (PFP) and was awarded the accolade of PFP Partner of the year in 2017. After enjoying a successful career with PFP, the natural progression for Mark was to start his own business, Hughson Financial Planning Ltd with The Advice Partnership from Prudential. Mark continues to build relationships with both existing and new clients – and all with the backing and strength of the Prudential brand.

In January 2021, Mark was awarded Partner of the year again, this time as a member of The Advice Partnership with Prudential. Mark was the first Member of The Advice Partnership to be recognised with this outstanding award.

Away from work he is married to Catherine and they have three daughters and two Dalmatian dogs.

August 2019

I have known Mark Hughson in his capacity as a Financial Advisor working for Prudential for two years.

Prior to making his acquaintance I was considering early retirement and consequently keen to understand my options. Based on his experience of dealing with Mark directly, a colleague recommended him as a possible source of financial advice. Via this "word-of-mouth" connection an appointment was made and subsequently my wife and I transferred a range of pensions to a Prudential Retirement account.

The complete process of assessing the pension transfer offers from my employer's pension schemes, understanding our future financial requirements and objectives, suitability for reinvesting and initiation of the transfer of funds was carried out by the Prudential in line with explanations given by Mark and a specialist colleague on technical aspects of the arrangement.

In our dealings with Mark he was always friendly, knowledgeable and professional in his approach. He listened to our questions and concerns and was able to give clear, authoritative and reassuring responses. Since taking up the financial advice, Mark has provided a prompt response to any further questions arising and has ensured that information requested on the performance of our investments is readily available.

I am pleased to report that so far that the advice to transfer pensions appears to be sound with performance in line with the expectations given by Mark. This has enabled me to retire early with an ongoing income and an increasing retirement fund which my wife and family will benefit from in the event of my passing.

August 2019

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for all of the help and support you have and continue to provide to secure mines and my sons financial future.

You listened to what mattered to me and built your advice around this perfectly, ensuring that I can look forward to a great retirement and should the worst happen, by sons are financially taken care of.

Distance was no barrier and I have appreciated the multiple long round trips you have taken to meet with us face to face and are always on the end of a phone in between times if I need an update or to just to sense check the progress of our investments.

Thank you so much – your advice has been game changing for me and I am now looking forward to possible retirement at 55!

August 2019

I made a tentative enquiry with the Prudential relating to a pension I took out many years ago. Mark Hughson contacted me and offered to come to the house and discuss my existing pension and give me advice relating to other pensions I have with different employers. He came in the evening, which suited me as I work full time.

Mark was very helpful, he explained to me my options and helped me to understand the most appropriate actions to take without specifically advising me to choose one specific approach. His advice enabled me to discuss everything with my husband which actually generated more questions relating to his pension situation and how we could best create plans to suit us jointly. Mark was happy to help answer his questions too and told him how to go about getting more information relating to his pension plan.

Focussing on my situation, and once understanding more facts about annuities and draw down, I felt able to make informed decisions on what was best for myself and my husband which was exactly what I wanted from a pension advisor. I would be more than happy to recommend Mark to anyone and also look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

August 2019

Mark has always dealt with us in a very professional manner and his extensive financial knowledge has been invaluable in providing us with sound advice regarding the most suitable options concerning our pensions, savings and investments.

August 2019

I was looking for someone to advise me on the best way to realise my future plans and you were recommended to me by a colleague.

What a brilliant recommendation!

Since having you come on board as my adviser I have had a much clearer line of sight on what my financial situation looks like in Retirement.

You explain things in a clear and easy to understand way and I have every confidence in your guidance.

The way you approach your work makes me feel that you are in my corner and I’m in a safe pair of hands.

Sharon Ball is a fully qualified Financial Adviser, with a Diploma in Financial Planning and over 30 years’ experience in the Financial Services industry.

Sharon is vibrant, enthusiastic and delivers a professional and friendly service to her clients, providing personalised advice across investments, pensions, estate planning and protection. Sharon also holds an extended licence for providing advice in IHT/Offshore Bonds and Trusts.

Sharon joined Prudential in 2018 as an adviser with Prudential Financial Planning Limited and was delighted to be invited to join Hughson Financial Planning Limited as a Director in 2020.  Sharon can continue looking after her clients’ financial needs as a member of The Advice Partnership from Prudential, and build relationships with both existing and new clients, backed by strength of the Prudential.

Sharon is married to Richard, has a son and daughter and two rescue Spaniels. Outside of work her hobbies and interests include yoga, paddle boarding, live music and football.

October 2020

Thank you for the clear and professional advice I received from you in securing a sensible and agreeable future investment for my pension fund.

As I have been looked after so well in the past and future, I have recommended your services to my daughter and her husband to help them to achieve a reliable pension pot for their futures.

October 2020

Initially, I met you at home and then because of Covid-19, our next meeting had to be via a link on the laptop and fortunately, this latter meeting was equally informative and helpful.

I recommended you to my friend and told her that I had every confidence in you as an pension adviser and the service you gave me was fabulous. You were clear and concise and took time to ask me what I needed at this stage of my life, various options etc, ensuring that I knew what was happening to my pension pot.

October 2020

I would just like to personally thank you for helping me with my pension and for sorting out reinvestments.

You made the process look easy and you also sorted out any due payments and re evaluated all my pension pot. If I need any further advice I will not hesitate to contact you.

Our Advice Service

We all have things that are important to us. Even if it’s making sure your current standard of living lasts throughout retirement, it’s important to know where to start. We understand this isn’t always easy. And with so many options to choose from, it can often be difficult to know if you’re doing the right thing.

That’s where our advice service can help you make the most of what you have. We’re qualified in financial planning and advise on a range of carefully selected products from Prudential and other providers – this is known as a restricted advice service. We start by building a relationship with our clients, taking the time to get to know you and understand what’s important to you, so we can deliver advice that’s right for you. We’ll review your finances, understand the current plans you have in place and get a full picture of your financial situation - including what you’re looking to do in the future.

Our advice covers a range of financial areas, including retirement planning, protection, investments and estate planning. When it comes to helping you plan for your retirement, or enjoying it more if you’re already there, we can deliver advice that’s right for you.

And remember, our advice isn’t just for the wealthy. You don't need a large nest egg or lottery win to benefit from financial advice. We can help you with a variety of financial needs and make it as easy as possible for you to get the advice you need.

We can meet where and when you want

We can be as flexible as you need. We can meet in the comfort of your own home or wherever you'd prefer and at a time that suits you.

Advice doesn’t have to be a one-off

We'll support you in whatever way works for you, it doesn't have to stop at the first piece of advice we give you. If you want to receive advice on an ongoing basis, we can build a relationship with you to help make sure your plan stays on track if things change.

Your first meeting doesn't cost you a penny

It's free of charge, and after the meeting you're under no obligation to do anything else – it’s completely up to you. If you do continue with a recommendation you will incur a charge.


How we can help you

Following the radical changes to pensions announced by the government in 2015, people approaching retirement now have a much greater level of choice and options available to them. We can advise on a wide range of retirement income solutions to allow you to take advantage of this flexibility. 

Prudential is one of the leading providers of retirement income in the UK and we have access to a range of their retirement income solutions. In addition, we can offer advice on conventional annuities from a number of selected annuity providers and pension transfers.

As people are generally living longer, it‘s important to ensure you plan ahead for your retirement. But when it comes to planning your retirement, it's not always easy to know what’s available to you. So if you’re approaching retirement, still have some way to go or have already retired, we can help you.

And you may have a number of pension pots you’re thinking of combining. We can help you find out if combining these is right for you.

When it comes to investing we understand that everyone has different needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to put some money away for a rainy day or simply want to make your money work harder – we can help you.

Our investment proposition offers you access to a carefully selected range of multi-asset funds. We believe a well-diversified fund is more likely to achieve consistent returns. Spreading an investment across different asset types can lead to a more consistent performance. Our multi-asset fund range means we don’t put all your eggs in one basket. We spread your money across a mixture of shares, property, bonds and cash, which helps reduce the risk of losing money. 

Our funds meet a wide variety of different needs and attitudes to risk. We offer different types of:

  • Passive funds – that invest in a selected range of assets classes. If you’re looking for a lower cost investment.
  • Active funds – that invest in a broader range of assets. If you’re looking to benefit from spreading the risk across a fully diverse fund offering.
  • Smoothed funds – If you’re looking to benefit from spreading the risk across a fully diverse fund offering and who are worried about the extreme short term peaks and troughs associated with the stock market.

Depending on your needs and goals we can recommend one or a combination of these funds.

Remember, the value of your investment can go down as well as up, so you might not get back the amount you put it.

Life doesn’t always go to plan and we can’t always know what’s round the corner. But we would all like the peace of mind of knowing that we’re prepared for the unexpected. 

In the event of death or serious illness, you don’t want your family left with a possible financial burden. We can provide advice on protection cover and solutions from a number of selected providers.

Estate planning may not be something you’ve thought about, but Inheritance Tax (IHT) isn’t just for the wealthy. With property values rising, IHT is affecting more and more people.

We can give you advice on a range of trusts to help reduce the impact of IHT. We'll also guide you through the complexities of estate planning, so that you can pass on as much wealth as possible to your loved ones.

One of the most important aspects of financial planning is finding the right balance between risk and reward in your investment choice.

We’ll work with you to understand what you want from your investments. Knowing where you want to get to, and how much risk you’re comfortable taking, will enable us to recommend a fund (or funds) to suit your individual circumstances.

We have access to other organisations who can advise you on a wide range of additional services, such as legal services, mortgage services and estate administration.

These organisations have been carefully selected to complement and enhance the service we offer.

We’re qualified in financial planning and can advise on a range of carefully selected products from Prudential and other providers – this is known as a restricted advice service. It includes a range of investments and savings, pensions and flexible income (also known as Drawdown) products from Prudential; annuities and protection products from a wide range of selected providers and ISAs and OEIC (Open Ended Investment Company) funds from Standard Life and Link Financial Investments Limited.

Working with you

What to expect from our first meeting

Our first meeting is all about getting to know you, your finances and your goals so we can build a plan that works for you. Whatever stage of life you're at, and whatever your needs, we'll discuss everything with you.

We'll chat about your finances in general and review any pension plans, savings or investments you already have. And then we'll chat about where you’d like to be in five or ten years time.

We'll also discuss how much risk you’d like to take, in order to achieve your goals. By understanding this, we can strike a balance between the risk and reward you’re happy with and build a plan specifically for you.

After our first meeting

We’ll develop a tailored financial plan for you based on our discussions and your individual circumstances. We’ll then provide you with a detailed personal report which explains:

  • your current financial circumstances
  • a full analysis of your needs
  • objectives along with our recommendations on how to meet those needs and objectives

We’ll let you know how much the advice will cost and then it’s up to you to decide what you'd like to do. If you decide you'd like to go ahead we can start putting your plan in place, taking care of all the details. But if you don’t think it’s right for you, that’s as far as we need to take it.

Getting advice doesn't have to be a one-off. If you'd prefer, we can develop a long-term relationship. This means we'll regularly review your plans to make sure they're still on track to achieving your goals, and your family's goals.

If we consider it appropriate, we'll recommend regular financial checks to help ensure your plan remains on track and to address any changes to your circumstances in the future. This is an entirely optional service that comes at a cost. We can discuss the charges with you when we meet.

The importance of ongoing advice

And sometimes changes can have an impact on your financial plans.

Some examples are:

  • Changes to your personal circumstances – such as retirement or family changes.
  • External changes – such as tax or legislative changes, stock market fluctuations etc.
  • Changes to investment options – such as new and better products becoming available or changes to the level of risk you’re willing to take.

The initial advice we give you is based on your current circumstances, as well as any future plans you are aware of at that point in time. However, every financial plan, no matter how carefully structured, can be vulnerable to the effects of change. 

By taking the optional Ongoing Advice Service we offer, we can react to changes. Then recommend adjustments to take advantage of new opportunities or try to protect you from additional risks.

Every one of us have our own individual financial concerns, goals and plans for the future. Our advice philosophy is underpinned by a belief in having a deep understanding of your unique requirements. Only through gaining a thorough understanding of what is important to you can we provide sound financial advice. We follow a rigorous advice process to ensure we provide recommendations that are tailored to your needs and requirements.

We will conduct a financial review for you. This involves gathering information and carrying out a review of your current financial situation, as well as discussing any plans for the future that may impact your finances. An important element of the meeting will be an assessment of the level of risk you are comfortable with and your capacity for loss, in order to achieve your goals.

With your consent, we can contact your current financial providers on your behalf to get a full picture of your holdings with them. Using this and all of the information we gathered from the review, we’ll develop a financial plan tailored to your specific situation and needs. We’ll then provide you with a detailed personal report which explains your current financial circumstances, a full analysis of your needs and objectives along with our recommendations on how to meet those needs and objectives.

We'll take you through your personal report, explaining the basis of our advice and recommendations. The rationale for our recommendations will be fully explained and you'll have the opportunity to ask any questions. We'd normally present our recommendations at a second meeting, however this will depend on the complexity of your requirements.

If you’re happy to proceed with the recommendations, we‘ll discuss the appropriate timescales to put everything in place and help set up the plan for you. We aim to minimise the administration and help with any forms you need to complete.

Get in touch

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Mark: 07785 521331


Mobile – 07970 922969

Office – 020 8162 6519

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