What do I need to bring with me?

Bring along as much information as possible

That’s policy information like:

  • A policy number

  • A policy book

  • Proof of paid premiums

Don’t worry too much if you don’t have these things, just gather what you can.

It’s an informal event and you’ll be able to speak to someone and ask any questions you may have, then we can get started.

Have a look at our questions and answers section below if you’ve got any questions about the event.

We look forward to seeing you in Belfast.

Questions and Answers 

It’s an informal event, you can pop in between 10am and 4pm. You’ll be able to a see a Prudential member of staff about any questions you may have about an unclaimed life or endowment policy which started before 1995. We’ll then try to trace the policy if we have the policy number, if not we’ll start the process off by getting you to complete our questionnaire with as much information as possible.

Come along if you have a life or endowment policy which started before 1995 which you’ve lost track of. Or if you’re a family member of someone who has, or might have had a policy. If you’re not sure, just come along and we’ll see how we can help.

No, there’s no need to book, just pop in on 9 or 10 August at Grosvenor House between 10am and 4pm. Once you're here we'll arrange for you to speak to one of our Prudential members of staff.

We will need to do some identity checks before we share information and you’ll have to answer some questions if we find a policy. We may need ID if the policy is unclaimed, we’ll be looking for proof of address and photo id. But you can also provide this information later on if you don’t have it with you.

It’s in central Belfast at Grosvenor House, 5 Glengall Street, Belfast, BT12 5AD. There are excellent bus and train links with Europa Bus Station and Great Victoria Street train station across the street. If you’re driving we’ll be able to offer discounted parking of £5.00 for the day. Just park at the Great Northern Mall car park. When you get to Grosvenor House ask for a parking voucher at the main reception desk. When you leave the car park, present the discounted voucher at the car park booth, before you exit via the barrier.

Don’t worry if you can’t come along to the event on the 9 or 10 August, you can download the questionnaire here to get started, just print, complete and post it to us at our freepost address. Or you can call us for free on 0808 164 4484.

It is a criminal offence to knowingly provide false, misleading information and/or forged documents or signatures for the purpose or intention of committing fraud. This could result in prosecution.