How would you use your retirement?

Everyone’s retirement journey is so different these days.

People retire early to enjoy travelling, spend time with their families, or even to make money from a hobby. Or stay in work as late as they can, as they enjoy structure and keeping their minds active. Many more phase work out, in order to try to achieve that elusive work/life balance.

The act of keeping active in retirement, either by reducing time spent in work gradually or by taking up a new hobby or career as they get older is on the rise.

Despite the fact that these journeys are so individual, the one truth is that retirement is an exciting time for most – a time of freedom and aspiration.

Meet our case study heroes
Watch how our heroes have achieved their ideal retirement

Michelle's story: The Entrepreneur

 Michelle Bateman

When Michelle Bateman was made redundant in her early 60s she knew that a traditional retirement of 'taking it easy' wouldn't suit her active lifestyle. She decided to follow her passion for dogs and to turn that into a new business.

Although not always an easy path, Michelle set up 'Woof Treats' and has turned her company into a thriving and continually growing business.

Find out more about Michelle's business and how she gained the confidence to get started on the exciting journey of self-employment.

Stuart's story - The Chairman

Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown became the chairman of Stirling Albion Football Club after retiring from his career as a Civil Servant.

He has been a Bino since he was a young boy and was always able to walk to his beloved football grounds as a child. Once he retired, he was able to take a more active role in the running of the club.

See how he spends his ideal retirement doing what he loves.

John's story: The Magician

John Field

John Field, 67, has always had a great passion for magic. He was encouraged to get a profession and so practiced as a lawyer until 2013.  

Since retiring, he has once again been able to concentrate on his talent, even becoming a member of the Inner Magic Circle.

See how he uses his hobby in retirement to entertain and amaze his audiences.

Keith's story: The Surfer

Keith West

Keith West, 67 from Devon, retired in 2016 after 30 years of working for a high street travel agency. 

Since his love affair with surfing began in 1966, Keith has surfed all over the world from Australia to Sri Lanka and Indonesia. However, for Keith, nothing quite beats surfing in Devon. Something which he has been able to enjoy most days (conditions-permitting) since retiring.

Take a look at how Keith has achieved his ideal retirement and how he spends his days on the beach.

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