Up to £5 billion investment aiming to help create a more sustainable world

We’re proud to announce the creation of a new, dedicated investment team, called Catalyst, ready to invest up to £5billion of our £136 billion With-Profits Fund in innovative opportunities that are tackling environmental and social challenges across the globe.

Every day you make decisions about where to spend your money. And although you might not think deeply about the impacts of these decisions, the reality is each one could ultimately influence the shape of our world. The same is true for us. The decisions we make as a business have the ability to exert influence over environmental and social circumstances and impact people and communities around the world.

Our goal has always been to offer quality savings and investment solutions like PruFund, to improve our customers’ lives. But with so many challenges now confronting our society and our world, we think we can do more. We believe now, more than ever, it’s critical that we consider how the investments we make can help to contribute to a more positive future not just for you, but for the planet too.

Catalyst will seek to invest in innovative and sound investment opportunities that are actively tackling social and environmental challenges. They will be looking for opportunities that will not only aim to grow your money over the long-term but will also help to create a better world.

If you’re an investor in the With-Profits Fund, including PruFund, you won’t notice any changes. You’ll still be invested in the UK’s largest With-Profits Fund that offers investors access to a wide range of assets, across different asset types and countries. We’ll continue to aim, as always, to deliver long-term returns and ultimately, financial security for all our customers. However, as we do that we’ll also be looking for investments that actively support environmental and social enterprises help create a better world.

Remember, the value of your investment can go down as well as up, so you might get back less than you put in.

If you have any questions please speak to your adviser.

Questions and Answers

If you are invested in our With-Profits Fund or PruFund then you are already invested in many types of assets across the world. We have a long track record of finding new opportunities. The £5 billion investment will help us find many more exciting opportunities for growth whilst helping to make the world a better place.

We expect all new investments to contribute to the overall performance. Our size, resource, extensive knowledge and experience across so many types of investments means we feel well placed to invest in those companies with the most potential to be successful.

No, all of our investments are carefully managed so as not to introduce any unwanted risks.