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Meet with a Prudential financial adviser in your area. We can review your retirement plans, advise on where to save money and help make your finances more tax efficient. We can recommend options for you from a carefully selected range of products offered by Prudential and other providers.

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About our financial advice service

Prudential Financial Planning - The Man from the Pru, are a team of qualified financial advisers. We provide a no obligation financial advice service in the comfort of your own home. Our advice is built around you, your lifestyle and your financial goals. 

We will discuss your financial needs, assess the level of risk you are able and willing to take and then build a financial plan to help you meet your financial goals. It's then up to you to decide what, if anything, you would like to do.

Advice from Prudential Financial Planning

Whether you're already enjoying retirement, plan to retire soon, still have some way to go, or simply looking at different investment options, our qualified, expert advisers can help you.

Here's just some of the things we help our customers with:

Whether you're saving for a future event or simply looking to grow your money, we can give you advice on a wide range of savings and investments. We can help answer questions such as:

  • How can I make my savings more tax efficient?
  • Should I move my savings and investments?
  • How much can I save into my ISA this year?

Our investment recommendations will be tailored to meet your desired balance between risk and reward.

As people are, generally, living longer it is more important than ever to ensure you've planned ahead for your retirement. Whatever your aspirations, we can advise on a range of pension funds that will help you achieve the lifestyle you want in retirement. We can help answer questions such as:

  • How much is my pension worth?
  • How can I boost my pension income?
  • When can I start taking money from my pension?
  • What options do I have in retirement?

Following the recent changes to pensions, people approaching retirement now have a much greater level of choice and options available to them. We can advise on a wide range of retirement income solutions to help take advantage of this greater flexibility. We can help answer:

  • How much tax will I pay on withdrawals?
  • When can I start taking money from my pension?
  • Can I take my pension money and continue working?
  • What is the best time to start taking money from my pension?

If you're worried about the financial impact a death or serious illness could have on you're family, we can provide the help you need by advising on cover and solutions to protect your family.

With increasing house prices, Inheritance Tax (IHT) is impacting a growing number of people. We can give you advice on a range of trusts designed to help reduce the impact of IHT and guide you through the complexities of estate planning.

Contact a financial adviser

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It's very easy to set up a no obligation meeting with The Man from the Pru. We can meet you in the comfort of your own home or wherever you prefer.

If you don't already have a financial adviser set up a meeting or call us on 0800 434 6630 between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. 

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How we use your personal information

We will use your details to arrange a suitable date and time for an appointment with a Financial Adviser. For a copy of our latest Data Protection Notice, please visit This gives further information about how and why we use your personal information (including any sensitive personal information), who we may share it with and your rights around your personal information. Alternatively, you can request a hard copy to be sent to you by writing to The Data Protection Officer, Customer Service Centre, Lancing BN15 8GB.

Please note that we collect personal information from you that is necessary for us to either provide you with the product or service you’ve requested or to comply with statutory or contractual requirements. Unfortunately if you don't provide all of the information we require this may mean we are unable to provide our products and services to you.

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What our clients say*

I found our adviser very friendly and easy to talk to. Most of all she explained everything and kept it simple. I would recommend her to my friends and family.
I found my adviser to be professional, thorough and approachable, taking the time to respond to my questions in detail and in accessible terms.

*Testimonials from Prudential Financial Planning customers, collated between January & February 2017.