Prudential Financial Planning

Investment proposition

Our investment proposition is designed to offer our clients a broad range of funds. The funds in our proposition provide a variety of different investment styles with options suitable for clients with differing attitudes to risk and different capacities for loss.

To ensure that our investment proposition continues to offer the right level of choice for our clients, we regularly review and evaluate the funds we offer. We therefore may, from time to time, add or remove funds from our investment proposition. Please remember that the value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you put in.

The risk profiles of funds offered by Prudential Financial Planning

Each of the funds we offer is given a risk profile - we consider this alongside our clients' attitudes to financial risk, capacity for loss and client investment aims and objectives in order to make our fund recommendations. Your choice of product will also determine the fund selection. From time to time our views on the relative risks of the funds may change, for example, due to changes in financial market conditions.

To ensure that our clients have a current picture of the Prudential Financial Planning risk profiles for their own individual funds selections, we have published our current fund risk profiles in the table below. We would recommend that you review our risk profiles on this webpage regularly as they may be subject to change.

Our current fund risk profiles

  • Strategic Growth Fund
  • LF Prudential Dynamic 60-100 Portfolio (previously called Adventurous Portfolio)
  • LF Prudential Dynamic Focused 60-100 Portfolio
  • LF Prudential Dynamic 40-80 Portfolio (previously called Balanced Portfolio)
  • LF Prudential Dynamic Focused 40-80 Portfolio
  • PruFund 40-80
  • LF Prudential Dynamic Focused 20-55 Portfolio (previously called Cautious Managed Growth Fund)
  • LF Prudential Dynamic 20-55 Portfolio (previously called Cautious Growth Portfolio)
  • PruFund 20-55
  • PruFund Growth Fund
  • With-Profits Fund (known as Prudential (Optimum Return) With-Profits Fund for Prudential Investment Plan)
  • LF Prudential Dynamic 10-40 Portfolio (Previously called Cautious Portfolio)
  • LF Prudential Dynamic Focused 10-40 Portfolio
  • PruFund 10-40
  • PruFund Cautious Fund
  • Prudential (Optimum Bonus) With-Profits Fund (only available to Prudential Investment Plan)
  • LF Prudential Dynamic Focused 0-30 Portfolio (previously called Managed Defensive Fund)
  • PruFund 0-30
  • LF Prudential Dynamic 0-30 Portfolio (previously called Defensive Portfolio)