Prudential Corporate Pensions Trustee Limited (PCPTL)

Prudential Corporate Pensions Trustee Limited (PCPTL) is a corporate trustee company and has been acting as trustee for the following three schemes.

  • The Prudential Money Purchase Masterplan,
  • The Prudential Money Contracted-Out Purchase Masterplan, and
  • The Prudential Group Pension Savings Plan

Your scheme literature previously issued to you will let you know if this is the case for your particular employer’s scheme.

Former members of the schemes now have a plan in their own name

As a now former member of one of the above schemes your benefits are now held under a plan in your own name – a change sometimes referred to as ‘endorsement’. This change does not affect any income or benefits that you or your beneficiaries are entitled to.

PCPTL is no longer involved with members’ annuities or plans. The Prudential Assurance Company Limited (“Prudential”) is now responsible for those benefits.

PCPTL has written out to all affected pensioner and deferred members to formally confirm this. The letter to deferred members referred, as will any future correspondence, to the addressee as now being a ‘former member’ of the relevant plan.

Copies of the policy documents for deferred members are available for download here:

Policy document for former Members of The Prudential Money Purchase Masterplan

Policy document for former Members of The Prudential Contracted-out Money  Purchase Masterplan

Policy document for former Members of The Prudential Group Pension Savings Plan

If you would prefer a paper copy please let Prudential know. Please also get in touch if you have not received the letter mentioned above, or indeed any of the earlier correspondence about this change.

Information from PCPTL

On an annual basis the PCPTL Chair publishes a Governance Statement. This describes the controls that have been put in place, together with any important decisions that may have been taken, to ensure that its primary aim, to monitor the schemes and act in members’ best interests, is met.

Read the latest Chair’s Governance Statement

The PCPTL Chair also publishes a statement describing how members’ investments are managed. It also describes the actions taken by the trustee directors to ensure good member outcomes and value for money.

Read the latest Statement of Investment Principles

The Directors of PCPTL

All of the trustee directors were chosen for their skill, knowledge and wide experience in pension provision in the UK and each is an acknowledged expert in specific aspects of pension provision.

The current Chair brings considerable expertise in investment strategy and asset management. He is an expert on how well, and how reliably, a member’s pension pot should grow.

Current Directors of PCPTL:


Director’s Role

John Nestor

Independent Chair

Bruce Rigby

Independent Director

Jennifer Owens