Prudential Corporate Pensions Trustee Limited (PCPTL)

Prudential Corporate Pensions Trustee Limited (PCPTL) is a corporate trustee company and acts as trustee for some employer’s schemes. Your scheme literature will let you know if this is the case for your particular employer’s scheme.

PCPTL has a duty to monitor the scheme for which it is trustee and act in members’ best interests.

What PCPTL does

PCPTL’s primary aim is to ensure that the schemes for which it is trustee are operated correctly, that members’ interests are protected as far as possible and that they receive value from membership of the schemes.

As well as other duties, PCPTL ensures that the expected standards of scheme administration are being met and that core scheme financial transactions are processed promptly and accurately.

Where employer’s schemes have a default investment, PCPTL ensures they are designed in the interests of members, with a clear statement of aims, objective and structure appropriate for those members.

PCPTL’s principles

To act in members’ best interests for the schemes for which it is trustee.

More information from PCPTL

On an annual basis the PCPTL Chair publishes a Governance Statement, which describes the controls that have been put in place, together with any important decisions that may have been taken, to ensure that its primary aim is met.

Read the latest Chair’s Governance Statement

The Directors of PCPTL

All of the trustee directors were chosen for their skill, knowledge and wide experience in pension provision in the UK and each is an acknowledged expert in specific aspects of pension provision.

The current Chair brings considerable expertise in investment strategy and asset management. He is an expert on how well, and how reliably, a member’s pension pot should grow.

Current Directors of PCPTL:


Director’s Role

John Nestor

Independent Chair

Lawrence Churchill

Independent Director

Lesley Alexander

Independent Director

Jennifer Owens


Michael Payne


Your feedback

The trustee Directors very much welcomes the feedback of scheme members, or their representatives, on scheme matters. If you do have any feedback, then you can share them with us, by using our secure online mailing service Make an enquiry .