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  • We have collated relevant information in respect of scheme costs and charges, including transaction costs, along with illustration information to show the compounding effect of costs and charges on pension savings.
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Frequently asked questions

Costs and charges are what you pay to be a member of this Prudential workplace pension. You'll find more information on what costs and charges may apply to your investments by searching for your scheme

The FCA have introduced new rules for publishing and disclosing costs and charges to workplace pension scheme members.  The aim is to ensure that scheme members can find the information about costs and charges that they require to establish that:

  • you receive good value for money from their pension scheme, and
  • your pension scheme will meet your needs for future retirement

The cost and charges disclosure rules require us to:  

  • in the IGC Chair Report, set out information about the transaction costs and the administration charges imposed on schemes for each default arrangement. The report must also provide a link to a website holding information for each alternative fund option that the members can select.
  • include an illustrative example of the compounding effect of the aggregated costs and charges.
  • publish all of this costs and charges information, free of charge, on a publicly available website.  The publication should be at least yearly - within seven months of the end of each calendar year.
  • Annual Benefits Statements have to signpost members to the website where members can find the details of costs, charges, and explain where the member can find further information about funds for their scheme.   


Charges mean all administration charges except: court orders, charges for earmarking or pension sharing, winding up costs and payment of death benefits.

Examples of administration charges are annual management charges, switching fees, allocation rates, premium related fees, set up fees, policy fees, exit charges and deferred member charges (Paid up Pension charges).

Charges for advice are not considered to be administration charges.

Transaction costs are costs incurred by funds when the investments they hold are bought or sold. Examples of these include bid-offer spreads, taxes and broker commissions. 

Unfortunately, for relevant schemes, not all transaction cost data is currently available. To calculate transaction costs for the funds applicable to your scheme, we're dependent on receiving transaction cost information for the underlying funds. We're liaising closely with our fund group partners and yet to receive some of the compliant underlying transaction costs information. Where data is available, we've published this for relevant schemes, and we'll continue to update our Transaction cost information as we receive it.

The Prudential Deposit Fund is part of the Prudential With-Profits Fund. Its assets are invested in the Prudential With-Profits Fund and provides a declared rate of interest (based on the Bank of England base interest rate), and makes no charges on the money invested. The rate of return applies irrespective of the nature of, or investment return on, the underlying investments in the Prudential With-Profits Fund.  Information on the interest applied to the Deposit Fund is available in the Fund Fact Sheet.

If your scheme isn't included and you believe that it should be, please contact us.

Yes, for relevant schemes our product level illustrations are online, you can access these by searching for your scheme.

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