More Improvements on the Horizon

22 March 2016

In 2015 we added a raft of improvements, from tidying up the process for leavers to allowing members who return to an employer to merge their records. We also improved contribution reporting to employers.

Doing what we can to help members engage with their scheme is one of our key aims for 2016. So we’ve also introduced improvements to our online service -  members who have registered for online access will be able to access their pension schemes details from their mobile device as well as their PC.

We are also developing improved annual benefit statements which are designed to make it easier for members to understand what their current benefits are worth, how much their employer is paying towards their pension and what their potential retirement outcome might look like.  If having reviewed their current arrangement members then want to change their investment approach, they will find an improved online switch experience from summer this year.

What else are we doing for employers?

Employers want to keep their administration down to a minimum. We’re improving our online service so that employers can submit their HR records in real time so that any missing or incorrect information can be corrected at the point of submission, taking away the need to call us. We are also currently testing a new report for our Client Managers, which will enable them to provide better information to employers.