The Prudential Dynamic Growth Lifestyle Options

28 September 2016 

It has been over a year since we launched our Dynamic Growth Funds and Lifestyle Options for Corporate Pension customers and we already have £225 million funds under management (at end of July 2016).

The introduction of Pension freedoms means that members now have more choice at retirement. This also means that they may need to review their retirement options and choose the right investment solutions for them.  

Our Lifestyle Options were brought in to complement the new Pension freedoms. They are made up of a range of Dynamic Growth Funds which cater for different risk appetites due to the asset allocation within the funds.  The Lifestyle Options can be used flexibly across various investment solutions as customers save for their retirement, or when they’re looking to make the most of their income in retirement.

Prudential Dynamic Growth Lifestyle Option Lifestyle Objective 
Targeting 100% Cash Designed for those intending to take their pension as a single or series of cash lump sums.
Targeting Drawdown Designed for those intending to keep their pension savings invested after retirement. 
Targeting an Annuity  Designed for those intending to take out an annuity when they retire
Targeting Retirement Options Designed to offer an investment solution for all members, whatever their end retirement goals may be.

We’ve recently been recognised as Multi-Asset Manager of the Year (Developed Markets) at the Global Investor Investment Excellence Awards for the second year running. Al Denholm, CEO of Prudential Portfolio Management Group (PPMG), said: “An important factor in this success is our approach to asset allocation. By taking a long-term approach in our investment decisions, we aim to shield policyholders from the worst downturns while still delivering positive returns over the longer term.”

The new Lifestyle Options are intended for scheme members that are either not engaged or quite simply do not yet know what they will do when they retire. Please remember that the value of an investment may go down as well as up and you could get back less than you put in . For further information on the new Dynamic Growth Lifestyle Options, please read our new Prudential Dynamic Growth Lifestyles flyer.  Alternatively, please contact your Prudential Client Manager.