A message to our customers following the EU referendum

The EU referendum result marks the start of a long process and there will now be a substantial period of negotiation between the UK government and the EU about the terms of the UK's exit.

In the meantime we continue to work hard on behalf of all of our customers.

We are a financially strong company and have successfully steered our business and customers through many times of change and uncertainty over our 168-year history.

Our multi-asset funds – including our £78.5 billion with-profits fund which is one of the biggest in the UK – invest world-wide across many different types of assets, such as shares, bonds and property, in order to spread the investment risk. This risk-managed investment approach is designed to help our customers’ investments withstand short-term market volatility and achieve steady growth over the long-term. 

We suggest that anyone who is considering withdrawing from or surrendering a policy on account of current market conditions, should seek professional financial advice before making any final decision.

We will continue to focus our efforts on meeting the long-term savings and investment needs of our customers.

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