Flexible Investment Plan

Your Flexible Investment Plan is designed so that you can invest in a range of funds to suit your investment goals and attitude to risk.

You can take out up to 5% of your investment each year from your plan for up to 20 years - free from any immediate income tax liability.

What you may be looking to do:

  • Take a lump sum from your plan.
  • Make regular cash withdrawals.
  • Change the funds your plan's invested in.

If you’re considering any of these, please look at the links at the bottom of this page.

To let your money work even harder for you to potentially achieve your investment goals, you might think about topping up your plan.

We've made it easy too, just call us on 0345 640 1000* or send us a secure email and we'll send you a top-up application form and key features. Please read the Key Features before topping up as they provide you with important information on the key risks and benefits of the product to help you make a decision.

This product is designed for the medium to long term, which means 5 to 10 years. The minimum top up amount for this product is £5000 and the maximum top up amount is £500,000. Charges do apply.

If you are unsure of the suitability of the product please speak to a financial adviser.

*We are open Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm. Calls maybe recorded for security and quality purposes. Alternatively, you can send us a secure email.


  • Access to Prudential's Multi-Asset Fund Range and Prudential's fund management expertise. 
  • More funds available with the Additional Fund Choice range. 
  • Fund switching. You can switch your money between funds and we currently don’t charge you for this. 
  • All other switches out of any of the PruFund Funds will be made 28 days after we receive the request and using the unit prices on the 28th day. Switch requests at the end of the guarantee date are not subject to the 28 day delay. For further details please go to the Key Features document. 
  • Your bond has a valuable tax benefit. You can take out up to 5% of your investment each year from your plan for up to 20 years - free from any immediate income tax liability. There may however be additional tax liability when you cash in your plan.

This is based on our understanding of current taxation, legislation and HM Revenue & Customs practice, all of which are liable to change without notice. The impact of taxation (and any tax reliefs) depends on individual circumstances.

The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount you put in 

PruFund Range of Funds

The PruFund range of funds are only available if your plan started on or after 25/4/2005. Please note that you cannot top up into a PruFund Protected Fund.

Our dedicated page on the PruFund range of funds gives you information including how our smoothing process works, access to both historic and current Expected Growth Rates (EGRs) and details of any historic Unit Price Adjustments (UPA).

Review your Flexible Investment Plan

By accessing MyPru, our secure online portal, you may be able to manage your enquiry yourself or alternately send us a secure email to deal with your query.

Within MyPru you can check the value of your policy, change personal details, view key documents and send us secure messages.

If you have not registered for MyPru registration only takes a few minutes, remember to have your policy number to hand - register for MyPru.

Alternatively, or for more information on changing investment funds or making withdrawals, you can call us on 0345 640 1000 (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm), calls may be recorded for security and quality purposes.

We send you a statement each year, but you can also access an up-to date valuation at any time on MyPru.