Prudential PEP

Your Prudential PEP offered you a tax-efficient way of saving. PEPs were re-classified as stocks and shares ISAs on 6 April 2008 and are subject to ISA rules and allowances.

What does this mean for my investment?

The following changes took place as a result of the re-classification

Product name pre 6 April 2008 Product name post 6 April 2008 Open or closed to new investments/transfers?
Mini Prudential ISA Prudence ISA Open to new investments and transfers
Prudential PEP Ex-PEP Prudence ISA Closed. Any new investments and transfers will be placed into the Prudential ISA.
Prudence Classic PEP
Prudence Self Select PEP
Prudence PEP
Prudential Type A PEP
Prudential IMRP Regular Saver PEP
Ex-PEP Prudence ISA Closed to new investments since April 1999. Any new investments and transfers will be placed into the Prudential ISA.

Can I still withdraw my money from the closed products?

Yes you can. These products are only closed to new investment or transfers in.

Will I still be able to switch trusts within the closed products?

Yes you can still switch from one trust to another.

What happened with my direct debits and the closed products?

The closed products stopped accepting further subscriptions, so we ensured your payments were made into the Prudential ISA unless you advised us otherwise.

Did the changes affect the number of unit/shares in each trust?

No. The number of units/shares in each of your trusts were not affected by the changes.

Review your Prudential ISA

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This is based on our understanding of current taxation, legislation and HM Revenue & Customs practice, all of which are liable to change without notice. The impact of taxation (and any tax reliefs) depends on individual circumstances.