Prudential Personal Pension

Your Prudential Personal Pension offers a tax-efficient, and flexible way to help save towards your retirement.

And with average life expectancy increasing, saving in a pension and topping it up is a great way to help build up a larger fund for when you retire. Read about the benefits of topping up.

What you may be looking to do:

Read about the features of your Prudential Personal Pension

  • Tax-efficient saving* - the Prudential Personal Pension qualifies for tax relief, just like other pension plans, and you can take a tax-free cash lump sum on retirement. Read more about the tax benefits. Pensions in payment are taxed as earned income.
  • Flexibility - you can increase, decrease or stop and start payments at any time without penalty. Note that charges will continue to be deducted and that any changes to your contributions will impact on your benefits at retirement. (Annual charges are currently about 1% of the total fund, depending on the funds you choose, and may vary in the future.)
  • Range of funds - Your pension contributions can be invested in a choice of funds. The funds you can choose from may vary depending on what funds are actually available at the time. Note that the value of your fund may fluctuate and you may not get back your original investment.
  • Currently switch funds at any time with no switching charge. However, a Market Value Reduction may apply for investments in the With-Profits Fund, and this would have the effect of reducing your fund.
  • Lifestyle options - rather than you making decisions about when to move to lower risk investments, your money can automatically be moved to less risky investments as you approach your intended retirement date.

Review your Prudential Personal Pension

Firstly, please read the key features document as this will provide you with important information regarding the key risks and benefits of the product(s) to help you make a decision, and the fund guide for full details of the funds available, their objectives, Prudential's Risk rating of these and their charges to help you select those suitable for your needs. You can also see illustrations of making additional monthly and single payments.

Note Prudential has given no advice on this investment. If you are unsure as to the suitability of this product, please seek financial advice, which you may be charged for.

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*The above is based on our understanding, of current taxation, legislation and HM Revenue & Customs practice, all of which are liable to change without notice. The impact of taxation (and any tax relief depends on individual circumstances).