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If you're thinking about changing your income on your Income Choice Annuity then please read this information before making any income change decision.

Change your income on your Income Choice Annuity.

If your annuity income is due to change, we'll notify you in advance of this happening (approximately seven weeks before your plan anniversary). If you've not received your annuity statement or weren't expecting any change in income, please contact us.

If you weren’t expecting your income to change, it could be due to a change in tax code. If you have any questions about tax, please contact HM Revenue & Customs on 0300 200 3300 (from the UK) or +44 135 535 9022 (if calling from abroad). We might record your call for training and quality purposes. To find out more about how we use your personal data please visit We will only write to let you know if the payment amount changes by more than £10.00. Please note that you may receive a notification letter before your payment date.

We review your income each year and any change to your income will be made on your plan anniversary. Any income change will be dependent on the most recent Smoothed Returns we have declared and your chosen Required Smoothed Return. Full details are in your annual statement that's issued approximately 7 weeks before your plan anniversary.

Yes - you can switch your Income Choice Annuity to a Prudential Guaranteed Pension Annuity (GPA) on any policy anniversary. Once you switch, you can't change back. Your Prudential GPA income may be higher or lower than the income you are receiving through the Income Choice Annuity, so you need to think about this carefully.

When you set up the plan we sent you a Key Features Document along with your terms and conditions. These are a good source of information. If you can't find these documents then please call us and we can send out a duplicate copy to you.

You can also find information on how we manage the With-Profits Fund and how this is linked to your annuity by reading Prudential's Principles and Practices of Financial Management and Your With-Profits Plan – a guide to how we manage the Fund.

Our With-Profits Fund performed well in 2019 and that means the vast majority of our Income Choice Annuity planholders will receive bonuses that deliver year-on-year increases in income, after allowing for the Required Smoothed Return (RSR).

This year, we’ve also got additional money in the With-Profits Sub Fund to share with our Income Choice Annuity planholders. Because of this, we’ve increased the unsmoothed value of plans by 1.25%. This is reflected in the Smoothed Returns from this year. There’s a chance we might have to take back this extra money. You can find out more details on our website at:

In 2020 we’ll continue to manage the Fund prudently. We’ll aim to secure the highest total return for the Fund (after any tax and investment expenses) while maintaining an acceptable level of risk and protecting our planholders. We’ll also continue to smooth some of the extreme highs and lows of investment performance.

The table below shows our With-Profits Fund returns for this year and over the last 10 years.

Bonus Declaration Year











Gross Fund Return in preceding year











Source: Prudential. 'Gross' refers to before tax, charges and the effects of smoothing. Fund returns do not include the additional surplus being shared as part of the PACL Final 2020 Bonus Declaration.

The Income Choice Annuity Smoothed Return flyer shows the Smoothed Returns we've announced this year (along with the Smoothed Returns announced in previous years). The effect this has on your income will be shown in your annual statement.

Bonus Dec 2020 Income Choice Annuity Smoothed Return Flyer

Your annual statement is issued each year, approximately 7 weeks before your plan anniversary. This will show the details of any income changes as a result of the most recent Smoothed Return announcements. It will also show you your income range and information regarding switching to a Prudential Guaranteed Pension Annuity if these options are available to you.

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