PruFund Investment Plan

The PruFund Investment Plan is a single premium investment plan.

The initial PruFund Investment Plan issued 14/09/2004 - 22/02/2010 is no longer open to new or top up business but if you have an existing plan, it still has the following benefits.

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  • Access to Prudential's fund management expertise through the PruFund Growth Fund and PruFund Growth & Income Fund.
  • An established smoothing formula that aims to provide more stable returns.
  • Your bond has a valuable tax benefit. You can take out up to 5% of your investment each year from your plan for up to 20 years - free from any immediate income tax liability. There may however be additional tax liability when you cash in your plan. You might need to pay tax depending on your circumstances and the options you choose. Tax rules can also change in the future.
  • Limited amount of life cover.

For more information about your plan read your brochure or read your key features.

What will I get back?

This depends on many things including investment performance, which can go down as well as up, any withdrawals, features you choose and any tax liability that may apply. The value of your investment can go down as well as up so you might get back less than you put in.

PruFund Investment Plan - PruFund range of funds

Our dedicated page on the PruFund range of funds gives you information including how our smoothing process works, access to both historic and current Expected Growth Rates (EGRs) and details of any historic Unit Price Adjustments (UPA).

Review your PruFund Investment Plan

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