Could your attic be home to buried treasure?

You’re probably in the minority if you don’t have at least a little clutter in your home. Perhaps you can’t bear to get rid of the kids’ old toys or haven’t got around to clearing out your schoolbooks. Most people’s loft and garages are packed full of ‘keepsakes’.

But it’s not all worthless in terms of pounds and pence. Over the years, unwitting homeowners have uncovered some stunning finds in the depths of their cupboards and attics. You may remember seeing the surprise on people’s faces on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, when the expert revealed just how valuable an item was. Paintings by renowned artists, art deco jewellery, rare wartime memorabilia, treasured children’s toys and fine silverware. It was lovely to hear more details about these finds from the experts and see the shock and delight on their faces.

Think you’re insured? Think again

You may think you have adequate home insurance, but what if you have a valuable treasure awaiting discovery in the loft? Before you do your spring clean, it’s not a bad idea to take stock of what’s in the attic and make sure you have an idea of its monetary value. 

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