Updates to Corporate Pension funds

We may update our corporate pension funds from time to time. You'll find information on the latest changes below.

8 August 2018 fund closures

As part of our commitment to our customers, we’ve recently carried out a review across our fund range to identify particular funds that we feel don’t offer value for money, or have charges that are too high.

So we’ve decided to close some specific funds on 8 August 2018  and  are proposing an alternative selection of funds, with lower charges. The risk ratings on some of the alternative funds are lower than the closing funds.

Closing and Alternative Funds

Closing Fund Alternative Fund
Prudential Invesco Perpetual Income S3 Prudential UK Equity S3
Prudential JP Morgan All Emerging Markets S3 Prudential BR Aquila Emerging Markets S3
Prudential MFS Meridian Global Equity S3 Prudential International Equity S3
Prudential M&G Global High Yield Corp Bond S3 Prudential All Stocks Corp Bond S3
Prudential Schroders Diversified Growth S3 Prudential Absolute Return S3
Prudential Schroder QEP Glob Emerging Mrkts S3 Prudential BR Aquila Emerging Markets S3
Prudential Standard Life GARS S3 Prudential Baillie Gifford Diversified Growth S3

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