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24 April 2017  - Fund Consolidation

We’ve reviewed our fund range, and are simplifying our fund offering by closing the following funds on  24 April 2017.

In line with our terms and conditions the selected replacement fund is the fund we believe is most similar to the closing fund.

In some instances, the replacement fund may:

  • have higher charges, these are marked with a ^
  • mean a move from active to passive management, these are marked with a # 


Closing Fund                                            Replacement Fund                                           
Prudential Aberdeen Life UK Equity Fund         Prudential Baillie Gifford UK Equity Core Fund^
Prudential UK Equity Fund (decided on a scheme by scheme basis)
Prudential AllianceBernstein Global Equity Blend Fund    Prudential MFS Meridian Global Equity Fund^
Prudential BlackRock Aquila Cash Fund Prudential BlackRock Aquila Sterling Government Liquidity Fund     
Prudential BlackRock Ascent Overseas Equity Fund Prudential Baillie Gifford Overseas Equity Fund
Prudential M&G Global Leaders Fund Prudential Newton Global Equity Fund
Prudential Jupiter Ecology Fund Prudential LGIM Ethical Global Equity Index Fund#
Prudential Overseas Equity Fund Prudential International Equity Fund
Prudential Trilogy Global Diversified Fund Prudential MFS Meridian Global Equity Fund^


The replacement fund will be added to the scheme if not already available.

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