Updates to Corporate Pension funds

We may update our corporate pension funds from time to time. You'll find information on the latest changes below.

13 December 2017 Fund Closures

We’ve reviewed our fund range, and have identified funds that don’t offer value for money for the higher charges members pay. As a result, we’re closing the following funds on 13 December 2017 and proposing an alternative selection for members.

In line with our terms and conditions the selected replacement fund is the one that's most similar to the fund being closed. The alternative fund has lower charges.

Closing and Alternative Funds

This is an update to your fund guide and applies from 13 December 2017: 

Closing Fund Alternative Fund
Prudential AXA Rosenberg Global Equity Alpha Fund  Prudential Schroder QEP Global Core Fund
Prudential BlackRock Ascent Japanese Equity Fund Prudential Japan Equity Passive Fund
Prudential BlackRock Ascent US Equity Fund Prudential North America Equity Passive Fund
Prudential Newton Global Equity Fund Prudential Schroder QEP Global Core Fund
Prudential Standard Life Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund Prudential Baillie Gifford Diversified Growth Fund


The replacement fund will be added to the scheme if not already available.

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