Deciding what to invest in

It's true that putting money in shares and other types of investments is more risky than investing in cash, and market events over recent years have gone a long way to showing this. However, over the medium to long term, so anywhere between five and 10 years, returns from shares should be better than cash, although this isn't always guaranteed and there is always a risk with any investment that you could lose some or all of your money.

stock market investment is not like a bank or building society deposit account. The returns, may be less than those originally invested as your original capital is not protected from the impact of any changes in the stock market, whereas a bank or building society deposit account would normally return all your capital. You should consider keeping any money, which might be needed in the short term, in a bank or building society deposit account. This is generally more readily accessible.

You may want to consider lessening any risk by spreading your money across a range of assets.

Spread the risk

You may want to consider lessening any risk by spreading your money across a range of assets, such as:       

• Shares
Fixed interest - corporate and government bonds
• Cash

Please note that with each type of asset there are specifics risks that you need to consider.  In addition, the value of an investment can go down as well as up and so you may not get back the amount you put in.         

Tax and charges

Investing in the stock market or other types of investment may mean you become liable for tax on any gains you make. Check out our articles below on investments and tax for more on this. There may also be charges for investing, withdrawing or moving money.

We are not recommending one option over another or providing advice.

Speaking to a financial adviser could help if you're not sure about what type of investments would suit you best.

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