Prudential ISA

The Prudential ISA is a Stocks and Shares ISA that is provided by Capita Financial Investments Limited, who are the ISA Plan Manager, and provides access to a number of investment funds that each aim to grow your money, all within a tax efficient wrapper. The Prudential ISA is currently only available through a financial adviser.

  • Access to our successful PruFund range of funds that are unique in the market.
  • Additional Dynamic Focused and Dynamic Portfolio funds from Capita available that target different levels of risks and potential returns.
  • Transfer your existing Cash ISA or Stocks and Shares ISA.
  • Currently able to switch funds free of charge.
  • Flexible access to your investment.
Risks and considerations
  • This product is only available through a financial adviser.
  • The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount you put in.
  • Any transfers from a Cash ISA will be into the Stocks and Shares ISA as Prudential do not offer a Cash ISA alternative.
  • Making withdrawals from the ISA and/or the application of charges will reduce the value of your investment.
  • Tax relief will depend on your individual circumstances and is subject to change in the future.

A Prudential ISA is worth considering if you are looking to invest over the medium to long term, so five to 10 years, and are happy to accept some risks that come as part of investing in stock market-linked investments.

Please note, Prudential does not offer a Cash ISA which could be seen as being more secure than a Stocks & Shares ISA, however a Cash ISA tends to offer less potential for higher returns over the medium to long term.

• You can start investing – with a single lump sum of £500 or from as little as £50 a month. You can invest up to £15,240 in the tax year 2016/17.
• Flexible options for the ISA – you can put money in and take it out whenever you like. If you do make withdrawals and you have invested your full annual ISA allowance, you cannot make further payments into the ISA in the same tax year.
• The Plan doesn't have a fixed term – so you can invest for as long as you want, while the Prudential ISA remains open for investment.
• Transfer your existing ISA – without affecting the 2016/17 limits to your new Prudential ISA and choose from the same range of funds available to invest in.
• ISA products are tax efficient – as you pay no Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax on any growth within the ISA. 
• There is a wide range of investments to choose from – you'll have access to the following funds:         

• Our successful PruFund range of funds are unique in the market and aim to provide a stable rate of growth on your investment while reducing some of the day to day up and downs of the markets – we call this “smoothing”
• Five Dynamic Portfolios and Five Dynamic Focused which are Open-ended Investment Companies (OEICs) funds that pool your money together with other investors and target different levels of risk and potential return.

Please note that each fund has its own level of risk and potential growth and the charges for each can vary.

As your attitude to risk and financial objectives change, you can switch your fund choices accordingly (currently free of charge) giving you control over your investments. You can also read our investment articles for more information on investing.

The impact of taxation depends on your individual circumstances and is subject to change.

What you may get back from your investment

This will depend on many things such as the investment performance of the funds you choose, any withdrawals you make and any charges applied to your investment so you may not get back the amount you put in. 

Read more about the features of the Prudential ISA in the following documents:

• The ISA Client Guide for further information about investing in an ISA.

• The Key Features Document and Fund Guide will help with more information on the PruFund Range of Funds including further details on our unique ‘smoothing’ process.

• The Key Investor Information Documents will provide additional details on the Dynamic Portfolio and Dynamic Focused options.

• Plus, if you are looking for the latest fund details for all the funds that are available, including the factsheets and pricing information, you can see this on the prices and information page.

In addition, before you decide whether this investment product is right for you, you should also read the following documents and then speak to your financial adviser for further information. 

Prudential ISA Terms and Conditions

Master Insurance Agreement - Customer Version

Example Illustrations for investment in the Prudential ISA and CF Prudential OEIC Funds

Your With-Profits Plan - A guide to how we manage the Fund

Are you an existing customer?

If you are an existing customer and looking to make changes to your ISA, please visit our dedicated Prudential ISA page in the existing customer Investment section of our website. 

Advice from The Man from the Pru

Meet with a Prudential financial adviser in your area. We can review your retirement plans, advise on where to save your money and help make your finances more tax efficient. We can recommend options for you from a range of carefully selected products from Prudential and other providers.

Meet with The Man from the Pru

In investment terms, the balance of potential loss and potential gain as perceived by the investor. In insurance terms, the likelihood of a claim being made on a policy during the term.

Important information

We are not recommending one product over another. We recommend you seek financial advice if you're unsure about what product could be right for you. The information above is based on our understanding of current taxation, legislation and HM Revenue & Customs practice, all of which is liable to change without notice. For more information please visit Capita Financial Investments Limited are responsible for all the regulatory and legal aspects of the ISA and the provision of all customer services.