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M&G Prudential to demerge from Prudential plc

M&G Prudential to float as an independent company on the London Stock Exchange

M&G Prudential brings together its investment capabilities into a single unit

M&GPrudential today announces the creation of a single global investment management unit to house its diverse range of investment capabilities.

Prudential with-profits fund helps protect policyholders from investment market falls in 2018

The Prudential Assurance Company today announced bonuses on traditional and accumulating with-profits business

Prudential refreshes investment fund range

PruFolio fund range will consist of 14 refreshed funds with a new PruFund launched for investors with higher risk appetite

The future is bright for advisers

But the industry worries about where new recruits are coming from and Prudential’s Adviser Barometer shows advisers are working harder than ever.

Advisers counting on accountants and solicitors

Nearly six out of 10 firms expect more business from law firms and accountants

Digital technology enables advisers to focus on closing advice gap and fee-earning activity

Three out of four advisers believe robo solutions can help close the advice gap Advisers spend an average 26 hours a month on non-fee earning activity

Self-employed ‘want government pension saving help’

More than half of the self-employed back auto-enrolment expansion or pensions compulsion

Advisers increase support for vulnerable clients

Nearly three out of four firms have specific rules for advising vulnerable clients.

Millennials put buying property before their pensions

Over a third (35 per cent) of under-35s prioritise saving for a house deposit over their pension

Later life advice boom is ‘changing financial services’

Enquiries about long-term care and lasting power of attorney surge as more clients address the risks of cognitive decline

West sussex keeps top spot for best retirement quality of life

West Sussex is still the best place to retire offering pensioners the highest quality of life, reveals Prudential’s 2018 Retirement Quality of Life Index

Millennials want more from pensions

Nearly one in four (24 per cent) are not saving into pensions

Surge in self-employment is stoking the pension crisis

More than two fifths (43 per cent) of self-employed workers do not have a pension

Prudential PLC Half Year 2018 Results

Prudential delivers high-quality profitable growth.

M&G Prudential changes leadership team ahead of demerger

M&G Prudential today announces changes to its senior leadership team in preparation for its planned demerger from Prudential plc.

One in ten will ‘cash in their entire pension savings’

Prudential’s Class of 2018 study shows that 10 per cent) retiring this year plan to take all their pension savings as a lump sum

M&G Prudential extends strategic partnership with Tata Consultancy Services, to further enhance service for UK customers

M&G Prudential extends strategic partnership with Tata Consultancy Services, to further enhance service for UK customers

'Pretirement’ the new norm as half of pensioners plan to work past retirement age

Sixth consecutive year in which half of planned retirees will consider working past their State Pension age

Advisers say lack of consumers’ understanding is their biggest pension freedoms concern

Lack of consumer understanding and awareness of Pension Freedoms are the biggest concerns for advisers, three years on from the launch of the rules, independent

Gender pay gap follows women into retirement

Women retiring in 2018 will have incomes 29 per cent lower than men - nearly £5,000 annually

Couples money secrets add up to a lack of trust

Nearly a third of couples have built up secret savings and one in five hide debts from their partner.

One in 10 ‘targeted by pension freedom scammers’

Nearly one in 10 over-55s fear they have been targeted by suspected scammers since the launch of Pension Freedoms, new research for Prudential shows.

The early retirement dream lives on but at what cost?

Nearly two thirds (60 per cent) of those stopping work this year are quitting before their expected state pension age or company pension retirement date.

Cautious Approach to Pension Freedoms

Research from Prudential highlights just how careful pensioners are with their retirement funds since the introduction of Pension Freedoms.

2018 pensioners bankrolling three generations

Nearly a third (31 per cent) of those planning to retire this year are helping out their families financially to the tune of around £4,300 a year

Financial education not adding up for primary schools as 80 % of teachers agree it’s a must

Four out of five teachers want financial education on the primary school curriculum

Pension freedoms encourage over-55s to save more for retirement

Freedom to spend their retirement funds as they wish is encouraging people to take a greater interest in retirement planning and save more

Prudential’s Independent Governance Committee reports progress across value for money matrix in 2017

Successful removal of all complex charging structures across Prudential’s workplace pensions

One in eight will retire with no pension in 2018 – but the number without savings is shrinking

Nearly one in eight people retiring this year (12 per cent) have made no provision for their retirement

Prudential launches 2018 apprenticeship programme

Prudential announces the launch of 2018 Apprenticeship Programme with roles in both Stirling and Reading

Divorce costs £3,800 a year in retirement income

Expected annual income for divorcees retiring in 2018 is £17,600 compared to £21,400 for those who have never been divorced

Prudential With-Profits retains its record of delivering strong returns for customers

Prudential's consistent, long-term approach to the management of its With-Profits Fund continued to benefit policyholders during 2017.

Primary school kids ‘use mum and dad’s card and know their pin’

Prudential’s Cha-Ching launches free online financial education programme for Key Stage 2 pupils

The Cambridge Building Society chooses Prudential Financial Planning for protection advice

Prudential Financial Planning has begun offering financial advice to members of the Cambridge Building Society.

Pensioners retiring in debt owe average

Nearly one in five expecting to retire this year still have debts to clear

Now is the time to prepare for end of tax year

Prudential’s Technical Team outlines the actions advisers must consider.

PPMG stays overweight in equities

2018 multi-asset equity outlook favours Japan, Emerging Markets, Asia and Europe

M&G Prudential partners with Tata Consultancy Services to enhance service for customers

M&G Prudential, the UK and European savings and investments business of Prudential plc, announces a new 10-year partnership with Tata Consultancy Services.

Retirement incomes hit a new record high

Good news for the 2018 retirees who are retiring with £19,900 a year - the highest average on record

Prudential kicks off 2018 with nationwide ‘planning matters’ seminars for advisers

Prudential will begin 2018 by hosting a series of nationwide ‘Planning Matters’ seminars for financial advisers.

Healthier at 40 than in your mid-20s

More than half over-40s believe they have a healthier lifestyle than in their 20s

Prudential adviser helpline set to handle 17,000 adviser enquiries in 2017

20% more advisers seeking technical support from Prudential’s helpline in 2017

Prudential Financial Planning strengthens protection

Prudential Financial Planning is expanding its offering of protection products available to clients through a new panel arrangement with The SimplyBiz Group.

Pensioners have a new lease of life in retirement

More than one in four (26 per cent) pensioners who retired in the past 10 years say they are fitter and healthier since they gave up work

Business growth and regulation increases advisers' working week

Two out of five advisers are working longer hours this year

Prudential Autumn Budget 2017 commentary

Prudential's pensions and tax and experts comment on the Autumn Budget 2017

Advisers ‘go t.r.i.pping’ as prudential seminars pull in close to 3,000 attendees

One in eight UK advisers attend Prudential seminars in support of increased regulatory and legislative understanding

‘We’ll never have it so good in retirement’ – say people counting down to giving up work

Half of those due to retire in the next 10 years admit to retirement envy

Advisers fear robo regulatory threat

Three out of four advisers worry that robo-advice could mean future liabilities

The bank of mum and dad – the bank that likes to say ‘yes...and don’t worry about the repayments’

New research from Prudential has revealed the cost of the Bank of Mum and Dad phenomenon to parents.

Advisers increasingly count on accountant and lawyer referrals to attract new clients

Advisers expect referrals from accountants and lawyers will become a bigger source of new business over the next 12 months.

Millennial workers have retirement on their mind

Nearly six out of 10 younger workers consider the quality of the pension on offer before deciding to take a job

Pru commissions AKG to conduct independent review of its £30 billion PruFund range

Prudential has commissioned AKG to undertake an independent review of its smoothed multi-asset PruFund range of funds.

No quiet life in retirement for stressed-out pensioners

Nearly one in five who have retired in the last 10 years say stopping work has led to a whole new set of stresses

Adviser numbers 'will grow' but co-ordinated support is needed

Advisers are increasingly optimistic that the market for advice will continue to grow but fear not enough is being done to encourage new recruits.

UK's workers start to learn the 10-year retirement saving lesson

Prudential’s unique Class of… research has tracked the changing retirement finances and aspirations of new retirees since 2008

Five days, five great planning questions - Prudential to host CPD webex seminars for advisers

Prudential is hosting a series of webex seminars helping financial advisers tackle a range of topics

The bank of mum and dad: the UK's most lenient lender?

One in five parents have taken money from their pension, or stopped contributing to it, to help their children financially

Nearly 4 million homeowners over-55 plan to downsize

But for downsizers the convenience of having a smaller home is more important than raising cash

Prudential to host nationwide seminars for up to 2,000 financial advisers

Rory Percival, specialist in financial advice and financial advice firms, to present on the latest regulatory matters and take questions from the audience

Go West Sussex for the best quality of life in retirement

West Sussex overtakes Dorset as the most attractive county for pensioners

Prudential plc half year 2017 results

Prudential delivers broad-based performance led by double-digit growth in Asia. Performance highlights on a constant (and actual) exchange rate basis

Prudential UK & Europe and M&G to combine

Prudential plc has announced that it is to combine Prudential UK & Europe and its asset manager M&G, to form a leading savings and investments business

Health goals outscore retirement goals for over-40s

More than two-fifths of over-40s are working to improve their health but just a third are taking action to improve their financial security

'Insistent clients' pile on the DB transfer pressure

More than 80 percent of advisers report an increase in requests for advice about transferring defined benefit pensions

Class of 2017: 'pretirement' is the new reality for many retirees

For a fifth year in a row, more than half of people planning to retire this year will consider working past their State Pension age

Prudential Portfolio Management Group’s economic outlook for H2 2017

The baseline outlook for the global economy remains constructive as investors expect a moderate, but generally broad-based, pickup in global growth.

Prudential financial planning appoints Peter Coleman as financial planning and strategy director

Prudential Financial Planning announces today the appointment of Peter Coleman to its executive management team as Financial Planning and Strategy Director.

Retirement income gender gap grows by £1,000

Women retiring in 2017 will be £6,400 a year worse off than men

Final salary pension members don't want to lose guaranteed income

One in five don’t want to lose the guaranteed retirement income

68 new homes made available to Grenfell Tower families

68 affordable homes will be made available to families and victims of the Grenfell Tower fire at Kensington Row, London W14 it was announced today (21 June 2017

Pensioner incomes take a 30 per cent tax hit

Average retired household pays £7,400 a year in tax

Winning the rat race: the majority of the Class of 2017 are retiring early

Younger generations may be bracing themselves to work well into their 70s – but the early retirement dream lives on for many people retiring this year.

Class of 2017: More than a third of retirees using retirement income to help dependants

More than a third of those planning to retire this year are helping out their families financially, to the tune of nearly £260 a month on average

Jobs for the boys myth limits apprentice opportunities

Six out of 10 school leavers believe apprenticeship opportunities are in sectors with mainly male workforces

School leavers believe apprenticeships are ‘male dominated’

Gender bias colours students’ attitudes to apprenticeships

Advisers look to law firms as demand for inheritance tax advice booms

Nearly seven out of 10 financial advisers expect demand for inheritance tax planning to grow over the next year

Till debt do us part: divorce knocks more than £3,000 a year off expected retirement incomes

Expected annual income for divorcees is £16,300 compared to £19,400 for those who have never been divorced

Pension freedoms ‘enable better retirement planning’

But advisers warn too many savers are still relying on property wealth and inheritance to bail them out

Legacy worries from the bank of mum and dad

Parents want to control how the cash they bequeath is spent by their children

Brexit uncertainty impacts retirement planning

More than one in four planning to retire this year fear that Brexit will have a negative long-term impact on their retirement finances

Class of 2017: One in Five People Retiring this Year Could be at Risk of Unnecessary Tax Bills

Our study that found that 19 percent of people retiring this year with a pension could incur tax bills by withdrawing more than the tax-free lump sum allowance.

Many happy returns as ISA celebrates its 18th birthday

The Individual Savings Account (ISA) marks its 18th birthday this April, with one in four adults now investing in an ISA – twice as many as when it launched

‘Confused’ pension savers plead for no more changes

Two years after launch, two out of three over-55s are finding the pension freedoms’ rules confusing and three out of four want no more changes

Brexit presents advisers with ‘biggest investment planning challenge’

Advisers warn Brexit implications are the key issue for five-year investment returns

The pound in your pocket is changing

The £1 pound coin first introduced 34 years ago in 1983 is worth £3.10 in today’s money, as new 12-Sided coin is launched.

One in seven will retire with no pension this year

One in seven people (14 per cent) plan to retire this year with no private or company pension

Prudential’s independent governance committee reports increased value for money for members in 2016

Successful removal of all initial charges across Prudential’s workplace pensions

Communication breakdown on Scottish apprentice options leads to missed opportunities

Half of Scottish school leavers know little about apprenticeships on offer and two out of three are not aware of firms which offer this option

Communication breakdown on apprentice options leads to missed opportunities

Nearly half of school leavers know little about apprenticeships and six out of 10 are not aware of which employers offer this option

Retiring in the city? You'll need an average of £21,000 a year, say the locals

People in Plymouth, Newcastle and Manchester are the most confident that they are saving enough for a comfortable retirement

Prudential continues to deliver strong returns for with-profits customers

Prudential has announced that it has added an estimated £2 billion to with-profits policy values in 2016, highlighting the returns available.

Retirement debt on the rise again

A quarter of those planning to retire this year expect to do so in debt, owing an average of £24,300

Retirees living for the city

More than half of urban dwellers plan to stay in their home city when they retire.

Savers increase interest in cash account alternatives

Nearly two out of three advisers report rise in demand for alternatives to traditional cash saving accounts

Retirement incomes hit post-financial crisis high

Prudential releases the initial findings from the tenth year of its Class of… research

Demand for smoothed Multi-Asset investments ‘set to grow’

Over two thirds of advisers are forecasting the demand for smoothed multi-asset investments to grow over the next two years.

Tapered annual allowance confuses advisers

Understanding the tapered annual allowance for pensions is one of the biggest regulatory-driven challenges facing financial advisers.

Cost of living squeeze hitting pension saving in the UK's biggest cities

Nearly half of retirement savers in the UK’s biggest cities blame the cost of living for not being able to save more

Prudential adviser helpline set to handle 14,000 adviser enquiries in 2016

Tapered annual allowance is the most common reason why advisers call helpline

Prudential commissions new independent consumer guide to pensions freedoms

Newly updated easy-to-read guide to help people better understand their retirement options

Mind the generation gap in retirement saving – younger workers urged

More than half of under 30s make the minimum required contribution or have no pension savings at all

Couples confess millions of pounds worth of money secrets

Just over one in six admit their partner does not know how much they earn

Prudential lifts suspension on its single-asset property funds

With effect from noon on 4 November 2016, Prudential will lift the temporary suspension on trading in its single-asset unit-linked property funds

Members of generation debt face threat to retirement dreams

Nearly a quarter of under-40s can’t afford to save for a pension

New guidelines published for businesses to reduce primary education ‘blind spot’

Prudential UK, Business in the Community (BITC), and the CBI have collaborated to produce new guidelines for businesses

Prudential UK & Europe appoints CEO insurance

Prudential UK & Europe has today announced the appointment of Clare Bousfield to the role of CEO Insurance, subject to regulatory approval.

For younger workers it might be time for a retirement reality check

Average target retirement age for UK workers is before their 62nd birthday

Retirement provider first as Prudential introduces service for deaf British sign language users

Prudential has become the first retirement product provider in the UK to introduce a web-based video relay service (VRS) for customers.

Couples put retirement plans at risk by failing to talk

Fewer than one in three people over 40 have ensured that if they die their partner will still have a retirement income

Parents split on graduate career success

Over half of parents disagree that a university education beats an apprenticeship for achieving faster career success.

Pensioners reject the champagne lifestyle as just one in 10 overspend in first year of retirement

Despite new freedoms to access pension pots, one in three new pensioners don’t plan to make any extravagant purchases in first year of retirement

Prudential launches new Retirement Account

Prudential is to launch a brand new and innovative Retirement Account on 26 September 2016

Self-employment booms among women – but at what cost to their retirement plans?

Number of self-employed women hits all-time high of over 1.5 million

Best place to retire? Dorset is top of the pops!

Dorset revealed as the most attractive county for pensioners to retire to

'Brexit boom' predicted for advisers

Over half (53 per cent) of advisers expect an increase in financial planning advice following the Leave vote

Kids ‘work harder for exams’ than we did

Over two-thirds of parents say their children work harder studying for exams than they did

Prudential launches Knowledge TV for advisers

Enhanced adviser support offers CPD certified ‘box sets’

Tax takes a 30 per cent slice of pensioners’ income

Average retired household paid out £7,000 or nearly 30 per cent of its income in tax during 2014-15 tax year

Prudential PLC 2016 Half Year Results

Group IFRS operating profit of £2,059 million, up 6 per cent1 (up 9 per cent2)

Women Retirement Income Hits a Record High

Women planning to retire this year expect to have the highest annual retirement income on record

Prudential commissions independent guides to help meet adviser due diligence requirements

Due diligence: onus shouldn’t rest with advisers alone

Advisers Doubt Robo-Advice Will Close The Advice Gap

Financial advisers doubt that robo-advice will be a credible means of tackling the UK’s advice gap, exclusive independent research shows.

Half Of Pensioners Rely On Benefits, Perks And Discounts To Maintain Their Quality Of Life

Average annual pensioner benefits and concessions worth £17,500

Pension Freedoms 'Driving Inheritance Tax Advice Boom'

Nearly two out of three advisers say clients are changing their retirement plans to benefit from the recent abolition of death tax on selected DC schemes

UK Workers Catch The Pension Saving Bug Again

Total annual pension contributions by UK workers have increased by nearly a fifth since 2010

Property Sector Fund Suspensions Lead Prudential To Suspend Transactions In Its Single-Asset Property Funds

Property sector fund suspensions have led Prudential to temporarily suspend investments into and withdrawals from its single-asset unit-linked property funds

Welcome To The World Of Work - You'll Be A Millionaire By The Time You're 46

The average worker starting work aged 18 in 2016 will earn their first million just after their 46th birthday

Automatic Success - Half Of New Pension Savers Can Go Up A Gear

Two in five new auto-enrolment savers say workplace pensions have encouraged them to plan better for retirement

Prudential Gives Advisers Free Access To Independent Analysis Of Its With-Profits Fund

Prudential has given advisers valuable, free access to independent analysis of it’s With-Profits Fund, undertaken by AKG.

Adviser Numbers To Drop As Focus On New Business Shifts

Over half (51%) of advisers expect the total number of advisers to fall by 5% or more during 2016

One In Seven To Retire Without a Pension This Year

The new flat-rate State Pension is £27.33 a week below the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s minimum income standard for a single pensioner

Regrets? They’ve Got a few – But Pensioners Are Happy In Retirement

More than nine out of ten recently retired pensioners are enjoying their retirement

Pension Freedoms One Year On – The Class Of 2016 Are Positive But Cautious

Pension freedoms have made 34 per cent of those retiring this year feel more positive about their retirement

Low Returns Drive Cash ISA Transfers

Cash ISAs deliver average annual returns of 1.86 per cent since 2011

The Early Retirement Dream Lives on for the Class of 2016

Nearly six in 10 planning to retire this year are doing so early

Prudential Launches Charitable Partnerships for RideLondon 2016

Prudential has today announced new initiatives with Greenhouse Sports, Teach First and the Invictus Games Foundation around the 2016 Prudential RideLondon

Apprenticeship Misconceptions Putting School Leavers Off

85 per cent of school leavers underestimate apprentice pay

Independent Governance Commitee says Prudential Makes Positive Strides In Embedding VFM Regime

Independent Governance Committee Report concludes that majority of members are getting value for money

'Buy-To-Let-To-Retire' is the New Downsizing

One in five over 55s are considering buying their ideal retirement home now and letting it out until they retire

Scots School Leavers 'Put Off' Apprenticeships Due To Widespread Misconceptions

One in 10 think apprenticeship programmes offer no recognised qualification

Prudential's With-Profits Customer Bonuses Total £2bn

10 year cumulative investment return of over 80 per cent

No Pension For Us Until We've Finished Our 'Pre-Tirement'

Fourth consecutive year in which more than half of planned retirees will consider working past their State Pension age

This Year's Retirees Owe £260 Million Less Than Last Year's

Prudential’s Class of 2016 retirement research shows the average retiree debt has dropped for the fourth year in a row to £18,800

Expected Retirement Incomes Rise For Third Year In A Row

Class of 2016 retirement research shows increase in average expected UK retirement income to £17,700 a year – a year-on-year increase of four per cent

PAC Board Update

Prudential Assurance Company appoints Paul Spencer as Non-Executive Chairman

Revealed - multi-million pound money secrets of UK couples

One in 10 confess to keeping a secret stash of savings and investments that their partner knows nothing about

Millions of Britain's self-employed are turning their backs on saving for a pension

Proportion of self-employed workers making personal pension contributions falls from one in three in 2001/02 to one in 10 in 2013/14

Prudential Launches Extracting Company Profits Tool

Free online tool for financial advisers and accountants

Mind the retirement expectation gap!

Today’s workers expect to retire well before they reach State Pension age

Prudential renews sponsorship of RideLondon

Prudential, the inaugural sponsor of RideLondon, has extended its sponsorship of the world's greatest festival of cycling for a further three years. up to and i

Family financial planning is the future, say advisers

Pension freedoms will increase demand from couples and families for financial planning

Let's talk about...anything but money

One in five couples aged 40+ have never discussed retirement planning

Accountant tie-ups 'open new markets to advisers'

Expansion into advising major firms and company directors would be boosted by accountant links

UK Inheritance Tax Bill Tops £3 Billion

The average bill for an estate paying inheritance tax is over £170,000 - an annual increase of 3 per cent

Pension Freedoms Boost For Family Fortunes

One in four couples plan to use new rules to leave an inheritance to families

Taxes are one of life's certainties - even for pensioners

Over - 65s pay 11 per cent of the UK’s income tax, with an average bill of £3,258

Accountancy tie-ups add up for advisers

Over a quarter of advisers (29 per cent) believe their work with accountants will increase significantly over the next two years

Prudential launches Dynamic Focused Portfolio range

New range designed to target different levels of risk and potential return for investors

Over-55s are planning more than three million future property deals

Only one in seven are planning a property deal as a direct result of pension freedoms

Prudential Apprentices Graduate

38 young people successfully 'graduate' as Prudential apprentices in 2015

One in five return to work after reaching state pension age

Retired jobseekers want to keep mentally active as well as increasing their income in retirement.

Prudential Assurance Company Limited Announcement

Prudential Assurance Company Limited (PAC) today announces that Clive Adamson has been appointed to the Board as an Independent Non-Executive Director

Clients at risk from unregulated providers

Nearly two out of five advisers are concerned their clients could be targeted

‘Pre-tirement’ becomes the new norm as people continue to put off taking their pension

For a fifth consecutive year at least one in five retirees say they don’t feel ready to give up work yet

IFAs tip FTSE 100 to rally in 2015

Advisers predominately anticipate modest gains for the FTSE 100 in 2015

Expected Retirement Income Hits A Six-Year High

Prudential's 'Class of 2015' retirement research shows increase in average expected UK retirement income to £17,000 a year - eight per cent increase on 2014

Divorce can cost £2,100 a year in lost retirement income

Annual expected retirement income of £15,700 for divorcees compared with £17,800 for those who’ve never been divorced

Head of research appointed at Prudential Portfolio Management Group Ltd.

The Prudential Portfolio Management Group Limited (PPMG) has appointed David Shairp to its senior team in a newly created role as head of research.

Inheritance Plans of This Year’s Retirees Dented by Family Financial Support of £60,000

Only 28 per cent of those retiring this year think they will be able to afford to leave an inheritance

M&G Prudential to demerge from Prudential plc

M&G Prudential to float as an independent company on the London Stock Exchange

Transfer of annuity policies to Rothesay Life

Some Prudential annuity policies will be transferring to Rothesay Life

Pru Peloton: Advisers go the extra mile for GOSH

Fifty people of mixed cycling ability, including six advisers and paraplanners, are geared up to take part in the world’s biggest festival of cycling

Discussed retirement income with your partner?

Two thirds (67 per cent) of couples have no idea what their combined retirement income will be.

Prudential PLC – 2015 Full year results (PDF)

We have delivered a strong performance in 2015 and continue to grow across our key metrics.

Revealed - What's really on the bucket lists of Britain's over-55s?

Seeing the Northern Lights comes top of the post-55 bucket list

Prudential and ICAEW Financial Services Faculty highlight opportunities for integrated advice.

Prudential plans UK-wide series of seminars starting in September

Pensioner Wellbeing

Devon tops the League Table of Pensioner Wellbeing

Senior appointments at Prudential Portfolio Management Group Ltd.

Prudential Portfolio Management Group Limited (PPMG) has appointed two new members to its senior management team.

Retirement Destinations

Want to know where you'll retire? Have a look at the job you're doing now and it will give you a clue.

Mind the generation gap! 45 to 55 year olds expect to retire on a fifth less than this year's retirees

The next generation of retirees expect to retire on around £14,000 a year compared with this year’s retirees who expect an income of £17,000

Pensioner households pay enough tax to buy a brand new car each year

The amount of tax paid annually by the average retired household in the UK is enough to buy Britain’s cheapest brand new car every year.

Prudential confirms PruFund Expected Growth Rates

Funds under management increased by £1 billion in Q1 2015 to £12.6 billion

Rising Women's earnings shave nine months off the wait for their millionaire payday

A woman on average income will be over 69 years old before banking £1 million in total earnings

More than one in seven set to retire in 2015 with no pension

One in six will retire in 2015 with expected income below the minimum income standard for a single pensioner.

Prudential recruits 21 apprentices in Scotland

Leading insurer Prudential is set to welcome 21 new apprentices onto its apprenticeship programme in Scotland in 2015.

Prudential launches new Dynamic Growth Funds and lifestyling options for corporate pensions customers

Five new funds added to corporate pension fund range

Over a third of retirees provide financial support to family but many expect to leave inheritance

More than a third of people planning to retire this year provide financial support to family members

Pensions Freedom will boost advice opportunities

Two out of five advisers believe Pension Wise will drive enquiries

One in three retiring this year haven't heard of the Pension changes due on 6 April

Almost one in three people (32 per cent) intending to retire this year are unaware of the changes to pension rules taking effect from 6 April

Prudential PLC Full Year 2014 Results

Prudential Continues To Deliver Strong Growth In a Challenging Environment And Rebases Dividend Upwards

Prudential launches 2015 Apprentice Programme

£4.1 million investment in high quality, work-based training programme for young people

Women expect to retire on £4,800 a year less than men - but the pension gender gap is shrinking

Women retiring in 2015 expect a retirement income 25 per cent lower than men

Prudential UK appoints Lawrence Churchill CBE as inaugural Chair of new Independent Governance Committee

Prudential UK ("Prudential") has announced today the appointment of Lawrence Churchill CBE as the inaugural Chair of its new Independent Governance Committee

Prudential continues to deliver consistently strong with-profits returns for policyholders

Strong annualised post-tax returns for policyholders over the medium to long-term

More than one million higher rate taxpayers missing out on £1 billion in tax relief

Almost one in four higher earners make no pension contributions

One in five planning to retire this year will have debts

'Class of 2015' study shows those entering retirement with debts have an average of £21,800 outstanding

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