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Communication breakdown on Scottish apprentice options leads to missed opportunities

06 March 2017

  • Half of Scottish school leavers know little about apprenticeships on offer and two out of three are not aware of firms which offer this option
  • School leavers worry that most schemes involve manual labour and that opportunities for girls are limited
  • One in four say information about apprenticeship schemes is poor or non-existent
  • Prudential launches 2017 apprenticeship programme for up to 22 young people across three UK locations, including Stirling, paying the National Living Wage

School leavers are potentially missing out on apprenticeship opportunities due to a communication breakdown on careers information, exclusive new research1 by large UK employer Prudential shows.

Its nationwide study among 16-18 year olds in Scotland found that half (50 per cent) admit to not knowing about apprenticeship opportunities and 67 per cent do not know which employers offer apprenticeships.

Many are put off by the belief that apprenticeships are focused on manual labour and that opportunities for girls are limited to supposedly “traditional” female careers – 62 per cent believe most apprenticeships involve manual labour and 55 per cent believe opportunities for girls are mainly in nursing, health and beauty and childcare.

The research – released as Scottish Apprenticeship Week is launched to celebrate the success of apprenticeships – highlights changing school leaver attitudes on apprenticeships as an alternative to university. Around 35 per cent disagree that apprenticeships should be seen as second best to university, while nearly one in three (28 per cent) disagree that attending university is more likely to mean career success.

But a communication problem persists – a quarter of students (25 per cent) in the study say that either the information on apprenticeships they received was poor or that they received no information at all.

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