Simon Moffat

HR Director at Prudential's UK Insurance Business

School leavers believe apprenticeships are ‘male dominated’

19 May 2017 

  • Gender bias colours students’ attitudes to apprenticeships
  • Seven out of 10 Scottish school leavers believe apprenticeship opportunities are in environments dominated by a male workforce
  • One in three parents believe apprenticeships are more suitable for boys
  • School leavers mistakenly believe most apprenticeships involve manual labour and that jobs available for women are in nursing, health and beauty and childcare

School leavers in Scotland could be missing out on potential apprenticeship opportunities because they mistakenly believe that most jobs available to them are in so called ‘traditional’ gender specific roles, new research by leading employer Prudential shows1

The Stirling-based insurer’s nationwide study among 16-18 year olds in Scotland found that more than two thirds (68 per cent) believe most apprenticeship opportunities are in sectors characterised by largely male workforces like construction, manufacturing, agriculture and IT.

These views are shared by their parents as a third (34 per cent) of parents believe apprenticeship opportunities are more suitable for boys while just seven per cent think they are more suitable for girls2. It was found that more than two thirds (67 per cent) would encourage their sons to consider apprenticeships, and more than half would encourage their daughters to do the same. However, many outdated misconceptions persist, according to research from insurer Prudential.

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