Prudential's With-Profits customer bonuses total £2bn

23 February 2016

  • 10 year cumulative investment return of over 80 per cent
  • Year-on-year increases of up to 4 per cent on policy values
  • Smoothing aims to protect customers from volatile market conditions

Prudential has announced that it has added £2 billion to with-profits policy values in 2015, highlighting the returns available to cautious investors from a financially strong and well-managed with-profits fund.

Prudential’s With-Profits Fund has delivered a cumulative investment return of 80.8 per cent1 over 10 years before tax and the effects of smoothing.

Policyholders will typically see year-on-year increases of between 2 per cent and 4 per cent in their accumulating with profits policy values, underlining the consistency of the fund management approach and the effect of smoothing on policy values which has reduced the full impact of the difficult global market conditions in 2015.

Aki Hussain, Chief Financial Officer at Prudential UK & Europe, said: “We have been able to deliver competitive annualised returns for our customers, in spite of the combined pressures of volatile market conditions and persistently low UK interest rates.

“This result demonstrates, yet again, that investing in a financially strong and well-managed with-profits fund can produce consistently strong returns for investors over the medium to long-term. The with-profits smoothing approach has also reduced the full impact of the volatile market conditions in 2015 on policy claim values.”

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