Prudential launches Dynamic Focused Portfolio range

09 September 2015

  • New range designed to target different levels of risk and potential return for investors
  • New approach combines expert active and passive fund management
  • Managed by in-house multi-asset experts, Prudential Portfolio Management Group

Prudential has launched a new range of lower cost risk-managed funds, the Dynamic Focused Portfolios, to complement its existing actively managed Dynamic Portfolio range.

The new multi-asset Dynamic Focused Portfolios, aimed at financial advisers and their clients, are designed to target different levels of investment objectives and attitudes to risk.

They are managed by Prudential’s in-house team of multi-asset experts, the Prudential Portfolio Management Group Ltd (PPMG)1, using a focused selection of underlying funds that use expert active and passive fund management approaches.

In addition to PPMG’s active asset allocation expertise, the Dynamic Focused Portfolios use external Investment Management tracker funds for exposure to equities, M&G Investment Management for actively managed fixed interest funds, M&G Real Estate for their property expertise, and selected other specialists for investments in alternative assets.

The Dynamic Focused Portfolio range consists of five funds. Three new funds have been created to join with two existing Prudential funds (the Managed Defensive Fund and the Cautious Managed Growth Fund), which have been renamed and given new investment strategies to fit in the new range.

At the same time, Prudential has also changed the names of its existing Dynamic Portfolio actively managed funds to bring them into line with the approach of the new Dynamic Focused Portfolios. This ensures that investors can easily see that all the funds in the two different ranges offer a consistent approach to multiasset fund management.

The new funds give a clear indication of what they offer in terms of risk and potential reward by stating in each fund name the minimum and maximum percentage limits that can be held in equities.

NEW Dynamic Focused Portfolios RENAMED Dynamic Portfolios
CF Prudential Dynamic Focused 0-30
(formerly CF Prudential Managed Defensive Fund)
CF Prudential Dynamic 0-30 Portfolio
(formerly CF Prudential Defensive Portfolio)
CF Prudential Dynamic Focused 10-40
CF Prudential Dynamic 10-40 Portfolio
(formerly CF Prudential Cautious Portfolio)
CF Prudential Dynamic Focused 20-55
Portfolio (formerly CF Prudential Cautious Managed
Growth Fund)
CF Prudential Dynamic 20-55 Portfolio
(formerly CF Prudential Cautious Growth Portfolio)
CF Prudential Dynamic Focused 40-80
CF Prudential Dynamic 40-80 Portfolio
(formerly CF Prudential Balanced Portfolio)
CF Prudential Dynamic Focused 60-100
CF Prudential Dynamic 60-100 Portfolio
(formerly CF Prudential Adventurous Portfolio)

Scott Carson, Investments Product Manager, at Prudential, said: “We believe that multi-asset funds can be a great investment option for advisers and their customers as they offer a spread of assets to investors according to their risk profile, while allowing day-to-day decisions to be taken by experts whose focus is on meeting the risk profile and potential return aim of each fund.

“Our new Dynamic Focused Portfolios give customers not only access to PPMG’s unrivalled active asset allocation expertise, but also the advantage of a focused selection of underlying funds that use both expert active and passive fund management approaches.

“We feel these new Portfolios offer great value given the range of fund experts involved in these risk managed and globally diversified multi-asset funds.”

The new Dynamic Focused Portfolios are available to OEIC and ISA investors.

The ongoing charge fee for the Dynamic Focused Portfolios is 0.81 - 0.86 per cent (Platform Share Class).

Notes to editors

1 Prudential Portfolio Management Group Limited are the Investment strategists and “manager of managers” for Prudential in the UK. They are a team of over 50, which includes economists, mathematicians and analysts who are specialists in different areas of the investment world. They control over £155 billion of Prudential's Investments, as at the end of December 2014.

When managing these portfolios PPMG work within M&G Investment Management Limited, part of the Prudential Group.

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