Prudential launches new Dynamic Growth Funds and lifestyling options for corporate pensions customers

24 April 2015

  • Five new funds added to corporate pension fund range
  • New lifestyle options developed for flexible retirement market

Prudential has launched a new range of multi-asset funds for its corporate pension customers – the Prudential Dynamic Growth Funds.

Actively managed by Prudential’s Portfolio Management Group (PPMG), the five new funds combine Prudential’s renowned asset allocation capability with passive equity funds from Blackrock and M&G’s award-winning active fixed interest funds. The new funds aim to deliver long-term growth through investing in a diversified range of assets both in the UK and globally.

The new Dynamic Growth Funds cater for different scheme and member risk appetites, and can be used flexibly across various investment solutions as customers save for their retirement, or when they’re looking to make the most of their income in retirement.

The Dynamic Growth Funds

Fund Equity allocation
Prudential Dynamic Growth I (PDG I) 0% to 30%
Prudential Dynamic Growth II (PDG II) 10% to 40%
Prudential Dynamic Growth III (PDG III) 20% to 55%
Prudential Dynamic Growth IV (PDG IV) 40% to 80%
Prudential Dynamic Growth V (PDG V) 60% to 100%

New lifestyle options added

With the introduction of pension freedom and increased choice available to customers at retirement, Prudential has enhanced its lifestyle strategies for corporate schemes – the Prudential Dynamic Growth Lifestyle Options.

Prudential has redesigned its default lifestyle solution, using the new Dynamic Growth Funds to provide a lifestyle option for corporate pension customers who have not specified their retirement preferences, while also adding two further lifestyle options aimed at customers looking to take their fund in cash or through drawdown. These options are in addition to the traditional annuity matching lifestyle option which was previously available.

As well as complementing members’ chosen retirement products, these options provide alternatives to scheme members who wish to opt out of the default option but do not wish to construct their own portfolio of funds.

John Warburton, distribution director at Prudential, said: “The launch of the Dynamic Growth Funds, priced to sit between active and passive investments, gives our corporate customers a modern, cost-effective, default investment solution which offers diversification, flexibility and choice around the new pension freedom.

“The addition of further default lifestyle strategies demonstrates our commitment to offering enhanced levels of flexibility to our customers. These enhancements are part of our continuing corporate pensions proposition development to meet evolving customer needs.”

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