Prudential gives advisers free access to independent analysis of its With-Profits Fund

09 May 2016

Prudential has given advisers valuable, free access to independent analysis of it’s With-Profits Fund, undertaken by AKG.

Financial advisers seeking independent analysis of the Prudential With-Profits Fund can now download a Prudential extract of AKG’s 2015 UK Life Office With Profits Reports specifically highlighting Prudential's details, including its popular PruFund range of funds, from the company’s adviser website,

Paul Fidell, investment specialist at Prudential, said: “We are seeing strong demand for our modern with-profits PruFund range of funds from advisers who are looking for multi-asset fund solutions that can offer their clients a degree of protection from the current market volatility.

“Where advisers are making fund recommendations, they are coming under increasing regulatory pressure to be able to prove the suitability of these funds, placing increasing demands on their time, which of course is money.

“By making the Prudential Extract of AKG’s 2015 UK Life Office With Profits Reports available to advisers free of charge, we are providing them with ready access to information from an independent source, which we believe will give them confidence in the way that we manage our with-profits products, helping them both to meet their regulatory requirements and answer their clients’ questions.”

Commenting on Prudential’s With-Profits, Matt Ward, head of communications, at AKG, said: “Our analysis shows that Prudential remains highly committed to with-profits and it is far and away the biggest writer of new with-profits business in the UK market. The strength and scale of the company also contribute to maintaining a positive outlook for future performance prospects.”

Prudential’s new style with-profits product offering, the PruFund range, continues to prove popular with customers who are attracted by both its performance track record and the benefits of a smoothed return in managing market volatility and reducing customer investment risk. 

In 2015 APE sales of PruFund totalled £574 million, an increase of 82 per cent on the previous year, with a total of £16.5 billion of assets under management across a range of six funds.

Paul Fidell, continued: “In times of market volatility, such as we have seen over the last 12 months, the benefits of investing in a smoothed, well-diversified, multi-asset funds, such as the PruFund range are clear to see.”

Notes to editors

Prudential AKG interview

Watch a short interview with Matt Ward, AKG Communications Manager discussing this year's reports and the with-profits market with Prudential’s Paul Fidell.

The AKG 2015 UK Life Office With-Profits Reports

Now in their 20th year, AKG's comprehensive 2015 UK Life Office With Profits Reports, contain analysis and assessments of with profits funds that are active in the UK market at the end of December 2015.

This reports are designed to assist advisers and other analysts to assess the merits of specific with profits funds. The aim is to provide comprehensive, structured and consistent information accompanied by AKG's key analytical assessment of with profits financial strength performance and transparency. The reports provide an invaluable resource for intermediaries who are advising clients in the selection of with profits providers.

PruFund range of funds

The PruFund range of funds is a unique concept in the investment world, bringing together Prudential’s strong track record of with-profits fund management and product that offers a unique smoothing mechanism to smooth out extreme ups and downs in the markets.

PruFund is available through a number of products wrappers - including personal pension, drawdown, onshore and offshore bonds and, since February 2015, the Prudential ISA. 

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