Transfer of some Prudential annuities to Rothesay Life

14 March 2018

Since Prudential decided to stop selling new annuities in 2016, we have been reviewing our existing annuities business. Today, we have announced that we will be transferring around 400,000 annuity policies to Rothesay Life. Rothesay Life is a UK-based annuities specialist which already manages 350,000 annuity policies, and offers its policyholders security and high standards of customer service. The transfer is expected to take place in the second half of 2019.    

By early next year, we will be writing to those Prudential policyholders whose annuities will be transferred to let them know. Policyholders who transfer will see no change to the terms of their policies, or their rights, and need take no action. Until the transfer, Prudential will continue to look after the policies.