AVCs – Your choice. Your future.

It’s never too soon or too late to think about the difference you could make to your lifestyle later in life

In addition to your main scheme pension, Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) could be just the thing to help your retirement pot go further.

Find out how AVCs could help you. We cover the basics, and all the important details too. AVCs are investment based, so the value can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you put in.

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About AVCs

What's an AVC?

An introduction to AVCs and how they work.

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AVCs and tax savings

Building up your AVC pot could be easier than you think.

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How AVCs could help you

AVCs could provide you with extra benefits in retirement.

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Flexible paying in, flexible paying out

AVCs are flexible when it comes to building up your pot and when you take your money.

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Investment choices

When it comes to choosing where to invest, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed.     

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Existing customers

Already paying AVCs? You can manage your plan online.

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Case studies - how AVCs could work for you

These case studies show some typical situations, but they don't relate to any particular individuals or circumstances and aren't recommendations or advice. To work out what AVCs could mean for you, use our AVC calculators below.

Christine's had a career break to raise her children and thinks AVCs could help her fill the gaps in her retirement savings.

Frank is close to retirement, but thinks AVCs could give his retirement savings a boost, making his retirement dreams a reality.

Arjun thinks he could use AVCs to potentially retire early, or gradually, without reducing his pension benefits.

Kassie thinks AVCs could be a great way to save so she can help her daughter in the future, either with a student loan or buying her first house.

AVC calculators - what could you get?

Use our AVC calculators to see what different contribution amounts could mean for you.

AVC calculator

Now you’re becoming familiar with how AVCs work, use the AVC calculator to see what your monthly contributions could turn into.

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AVC top up calculator

Already paying AVCs? Why not use our top up calculator to see what an increase to your monthly contributions could turn into.

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To apply for AVCs, to increase your AVCs, or for any other information, please contact your scheme administrator.

You need to read these documents before you apply. They have important information about the key risks and benefits of the product to help you make a decision

Download and save and/or print these documents for future reference. Read instructions on how to do this.


Remember, you can go online at any time to manage your AVC pot using our online account user guide.

If you're an existing member with a general enquiry, call us on 0345 600 0383.