Emergency Tax tool

This tool is to show you how much Emergency Tax you could pay on withdrawals from your pension pot. Emergency Tax is temporary and applies to your first withdrawal when we don’t hold your correct tax code. 

  1. Enter in the amount you're looking to withdraw from your pension.
  2. The first 25% of your withdrawal will be paid tax-free.
  3. The tool will provide an estimate of the Emergency Tax you could pay on the remaining 75% of your withdrawal.
  4. Call us on 0800 021 1167 if you would like information on the options to take money from your pension. We're open from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.  

Easy to use features

  • Available across a range of devices, including the iPad.
  • Comprehensive help text to guide you through.
  • Available offline - if you bookmark or add the calculator to your favourites, it can be accessed whenever your browser is disconnected from the internet.