Handy hints

To help make the most of the calculators here are some tips on printing your results, accessing the calculators quickly and offline help.

'Optimised' for devices

We've used state of the art web technology, so you can access our upgraded calculators and tools quicker and across a wide range of browsers and devices. If you need some guidance when using the calculators, click on the help icons for more information. You can also use your mouse or touch-screen to interact with some of the graphs where we thought you'd find it helpful.

Add to your bookmarks or favourites

You can access our calculators and tools quickly, by adding a shortcut to the web page. You may want to use them regularly for instance. Depending on the browser you are using, either select 'Favourites' or 'Add to Favourites' within your main menu. Or click the star icon within the website address bar to 'Bookmark this page'.

Printer-friendly output

We've simplified the print layout of your results so that they fit on A4 pages and use minimal colour to save on your ink usage. Get a copy of your results by simply clicking on the 'Print your summary' button, or in your main menu, you can use the standard method of printing, by selecting 'File'>'Print'.

Access 'offline'

If you have bookmarked or added a calculator to your favourites, as above, you can access it when you are not online (offline) or if your internet connection stops working. When you are next online, any upgrades we've made to the calculator or any changes to rates and figures will be automatically updated. Note this will depend on your browser version - the later the better.